Sunday, May 8, 2011

Regarding the return of police force

One of the reasons behind Imbaba sorrowful and sad incident is the lack of the law and order in the Egyptian street.

After 100 days of January 28th,2011 and the sudden withdrawal of Egyptian police force through out the country even the borders on Sinai , the police force through out Egypt has not returned back to its full capacity. Of course before January 28th , I would lie to say that there was a real respect law and order but now not in this way.

We are tired of being asked to support the ministry of interior in order Another CSF vehicle torchedthat the policemen return back to their work  , we are tired of being asked to give them time when security has become one of the main problems in Egypt after January 28th. We all know that this sick plan of El-Adly to create chaos and fear but El-Adly is now behind bars and the Egyptian police looks very very bad.

Now I got some thoughts about the ministry of interior and how to straight up its act :

  • If the police force does not work as it should in the service of the people in its full capacity , then we should not pay their salaries. “Are not we paying their salaries through taxes !?”
  • If we send couple of bad officers and generals to the military courts for their crimes and if there is enough discipline inside the ministry “You do not do your job , then you will be punished” , you will force the police and ministry of interior to do their job as they should. The ministry of interior should be cleaned from El Adly traces , all those involved in torture , corruption and mistreatment must be fired. Already I believe the policemen can’t do their job now not because of fear and shock but because they want to be treated by fear like in the past. These officers must understand that these days are gone and we do not them owe anything.
  • Opening the police academy doors to civilians to join the police force. Oh Yes like the Police academy series for exceptional time.  You will solve partially the unemployment problem in the country
  • Why do not we bring a minister from the army to organize this ministry of interior again ? Till 1971 the minister of interior was from outside the ministry whether during the monarchy or during president Nasser time. “Zakaria Mohi El-Din and Sharawy Goma’a were army officers”

Forcing the police and ministry of interior to be real in the people’s service must be from our top priorities , it must be from our clear demands in this period.

By the way is it true that Habib El Adly refuses to wear the blue prison suit !?


  1. To be practical,I favour the Military to take control of the Ministry of Interior.They can do a proper cleansing job without any favouritism. They can slash up to 10% of the force if need be(they did that in Mexico few years ago).They can reinstate order "a la militaire"coz the Police was pampered for so long.This process will take sometime but quite fast under the military.There will be an overlap of few months where the Military Police and Special forces can play a role .@amrazim2808

  2. The Police have to refocus on crime not repression. There probably will have to be changes in personnel and maybe proper training.

  3. It is much more complicated than how you describe it. Police has lost all respect and if they use force to prevent incidents like in Imbaba the people turn against them and cry "We are Martyrs!" Let's face the simple truth. Since the Law was governed by corruption Egyptians have lost all respect for the Law. As a result it is now a free for all, whether it is the daily traffic, football pitch invasions or burning churches.

    Salaries of the police? How much do they earn? 500LE or is it 600LE? Would you work for such a small amount just to get mobbed?

    I say this is not the absence of the police. It is the counter revolution! A very strange alliance of old regime thugs and salafis and of course the wealthy businessmen who want the old ways to return.

  4. The police was uncorrupted until the military institution controlled it during Nasser's era.
    The aremy is the most corrupted institution that exists in Egypt, the only difference is that they dont show their mess.
    Any institution is regulated by the law: we just need to enforce the law.
    The problem in Egypt is recruitment: we dont know how to recruit people, how to select them and how to train them.
    Besides there is the salary problem which is common with all institutions in Egypt (low salaries and unfair distribution)

  5. With the Imbaba thing we can't say we didn't see it coming, for weeks the independent Egyptian media have been indulging these Salafists sheikh imbeciles instead of treating them like the rodents they are. I wonder where that 'Abo Yehya fella is now who claimed to be Camila's husband (i.e rapist?), where are these photos of him and her during their wedding?
    This is what happens when people stop using their brains, why are we turning to the likes of Sheikh Hassan and Hagazy to solve this issue? Where are the countries institutions? Where is the law?


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