Saturday, May 14, 2011

So who are these conspirators ? Who are those enemies ?

The SCAF published from couple of hours another statement , the 51st statement but quickly removed it then reposted.The 51st statement could be some sort of summary for all the past statements considering the plots surrounding the revolution and the country.
There is nothing new even with the clear warning that the SCAF’s patience has got a limit or the news and that the military tribunal issued the first execution.Some activists began to freak out when they read the word “execution” despite they know that the maximum penalty of the new thuggery and sexual harassment laws is execution.
Already this is already an old news because if they read crime pages in the newspaper , they will realize that this execution sentence was issued from some time if I am not mistaken in Port Said.It was either a rape case or a murder case. I am surprised that they are announcing the sentence in a statement now , they should have announced it earlier instead of praising the police’s efforts in arresting that gang kidnapping children for God sake !!
Needless to say these activists began to suspect in the sentence because it is issued by a military tribunal despite they themselves want to see Mubarak prosecuted and executed in front of military tribunal despite if this happen we will not see a penny from his alleged fortune abroad.
This statement in my point of view is a message to the people who complain from the insecurity and absence of order.
I am afraid these activists forgot that the offline non activist majority lazy coach party Egyptians want a restrict stand to stop the actions of thuggery and consider the SCAF is too soft and needs to be strict to restore order. Needless to say the online activists believe the majority of Egyptians are too dump and has no right to speak because they did not sleep in Tahrir nor did they stand against Mubarak . “Despite if it were not for their support , the revolution would not have made it so far” These activists must pay attention to what is going on really in the street and realize that remnants of Mubarak regime are using this to turn the majority of Egyptians against the revolution.
Anyhow the only thing new and interesting in the statement is that confession that there was an attempt to split the Egyptian army in reference to the sorrowful event of April 8th and 9th. It is very interesting without doubt because I do not recall the SCAF admitted that something like happened before publicly in this way.
Statement no.51
Now the statement was about these plots against the revolution and the country in general and the question we should ask the SCAF : Can you tell who are these conspirators ? Who are those enemies trying to turn us against each other ?
I think we should have the full right to know who are those dangerous enough not only to turn the people against the revolution but to create civil war between Muslims and Christians and to split the Egyptian army from inside.
Again I will consider this message is directed to the people who complain from the insecurity and absence of order.


  1. Have you read the latest Z?
    Police arrested a man holding a handbag containing 15 improvised bombs in Giza on Friday .

    "Preliminary investigations revealed that the suspect's name is Shoaib Mohamed and that he is a contractor from South Sinai,” a security source said.

    The official said a team of explosives specialists examined the bag's contents and found bombs made of tubes containing flammable materials, electrical wires and an adhesive substance.

    The suspect said he found the handbag in the street and on opening it discovered a mobile phone number on a piece of paper. He called the number and the man who answered asked him to bring the bag to a place near Tora in the Helwan governorate.

    The prosecutor ordered that Mohamed be detained for four days pending investigation.

    According to a security official, Mohamed was arrested in a taxi when a police officer stopped the driver to examine his license and noted the suspect’s confusion. Mohamed then tried to escape when the officer asked to search his bag.

    have they foiled an attempt to blow into Tora to get the criminals out and escape?!!!!!
    This is news worthy!!

  2. Ahaha! The "counter-revolution" is a phantom enemy, it doesn't exist. Egyptians are just incapable and irresponsible, they have this new found power and don't know what to do with it, instead of uniting and think for the greater good of the country, they're selfish.

    Strikes, labour protest, unnecessary sit-ins...etc. all recipes for a failed revolution. They be teaching Egyptian revolution in schools for sure, "So you wanna get rid of your dictator. here's what not to do after wards.."

    I wouldn't be so indignant, if it wasn't for the 800 people who died. What a shame.

  3. I don't agree with the concept of Capital Punishment at all. To me it has all the relevance of the horse and plow to the modern world but its still used especially by Islamic Republic of Iran. In the last year, they killed a Kurdish teacher(for warring against God) and a Dutch-Iranian protester (for drugs!?). Any country with an expert,educated and trained judiciary will rarely if ever use it even if it is on the books.The problems occur when the judiciary is not.


  5. @Nada: you are obviously part of the counter revolution, because nobody can be so naïve to deny that the old regime still has claws and teeth and it knows how to rip apart and how to bite.
    Egyptians are not selfish. Yes, they are inexperienced with their new found power, which cannot surprise after 30 years of oppression.

    You know what? They are entitled to blunder and to make mistakes. Anything cannot be as bad as the old regime's reckless plundering and enslavement of an entire nation.

    Your comment is not helping, it is just provocative, but that is its purpose isn't it?

  6. @Zeinobia, "that gang kidnapping children for God sake !!" Kidnapping children for God swt sake. Have some respect.

    @Anonymous 08:49:00 PM, what are the five Arabic words?

    @Anonymous 09:27:00 PM "the old regime still has claws and teeth" A pair of dentures, maybe.

  7. @Jason
    It's Tunis, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Syria in Arabic

  8. Thanks! That's a grim cartoon.

  9. Technically Egypt(till now) had a bigger death toll than Yemen so is Tunisia and Libya exceeds all the rest by far since it turned into a full blown war and blood bath. The death toll in Syria is 800(according to Amnesty International estimates) so still less than Egypt but I'm sure that will change soon, might even match Libya's considering the Bath's regime not shy to bombard civilians.

    so the proper arrangement should be like that:
    Yemen(200+), Tunisia(300+), Syria(800+?), Egypt(865), Libya(10,000+?)

  10. Nada said...

    Ahaha! The "counter-revolution" is a phantom enemy

    yeah? what do you think is happening at Maspero now?!!!!!!


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