Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A very special birthday indeed

Last May 4th was former / Ousted President Hosni Mubarak’s 83 birthday and for sure it was a special birthday not only for him but for the rest of the country this year.
For the first time since decades we are president’s/ruler’s birthday free and it feels good. We were not enforced to celebrate our presidents’ birthdays in their early presidential terms , their birthdays came when they were turned in to idolized pharaohs by their entourages.
In the early days of Mubarak , in early 1980s he promised that he would not be like Nasser or Sadat and  that his wife would not make us get sick from the first lady’s role “Egyptians complained from the role of Jihan Sadat”. In late 1980s Gamal Mubarak stood in the line to get his passport checked in his way to London like any other Egyptian citizen.
With the "First" First lady in Egypt
With Jihan El Sadat in year 1974 at some air base
Now in his early 80s Mubarak is staying in a suite at hospital under house arrest and on the verge of being transferred to Tora prison to serve his 15 days imprisonment pending investigation. Suzanne Thabet proved to the Egyptian people how nice Mrs. Sadat was. "Actually now Egyptians look to Tahia Abdel Nasser and thinks of her as the model first lady ; the housewife type." In his late 40s Gamal Mubarak is behind bars after seeing his ultimate dream he worked for years destroyed in front of his eyes , all his plans to  become the next president of Egypt , the next pharaoh were destroyed and ironically by his own stupidity !!
The Mubaraks in 1975
The Mubaraks in mid 1970

It is ironic that the same newspapers that from a year ago that celebrated Mubarak and reminded us how Egypt was reborn with Mubarak like the rebirth of the Sun with the birth of the pharaoh in full pages are the same newspapers that have nothing to speak about except the scandals of Mubarak and his family. It is worth to mention that link I included above is for one of the most masterpieces of Osama Saraya that should be educated in political science and journalism course as the ultimate example of hypocrisy and kissing the ass of the regime. I do not know what Saraya thinks or feels now but what this man and other so-called journalists like Mohamed Ali Ibrahim and Moataz El-Kut along Abdullah Kamal should be studied as examples for the worst kinds of journalists professionally.
The day Egypt was reborn !!
Mubarak is still in Sharm El-Sheikh hospital and has not been transferred yet to Cairo for unknown reason , we do not know why he has not transferred to some military hospital under heavy security till now. Already almost all doctors and medical experts say that the man does not suffer from anything serious physically that stands against transferring him to Cairo . Allegedly he suffers from symptoms of depression following the shock resulted from stepping down and taking all the powers from him not to mention seeing all his fortune goes and his sons behind bars.
It is another irony that Mubarak is suffering from depression , the same illness millions of Egyptians mostly from youth have suffered from in his 30 years rule 
The Mubaraks story is full of ironies indeed ; like for instance how he proudly addressed the nation for the first "and last" time after stepping through audio recording on Al Arabiya claiming that he did not have any bank account abroad and that he would sue all those who repeat those claims then Swiss officials announced that they found $ 468 million of potentially illegal assets traced to him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
It is like watching black comedy film !!
According to newspapers reports which we do not know if they are true or not Mubarak recieved only four flower bouquets in his birthday , one of them was sent by his infamous notorious friend runaway Hussein Salem. Some reports say that he got a flower bouquet from the Israeli embassy , I will not be surprised if he truly got one from the Israeli embassy as Israel still considers him a strategic treasure it lost. 
It is the first truly birthday I suppose Mubarak knows in it the true meaning of loneliness , his sons are in jail so is the rest of his entourage and it seems that they will stay there for quite some time thanks to their financial corruption. By the way I do not agree that the entourage had the ultimate role in bringing down the house of Mubarak , the Mubaraks brought on themselves , Hosni Mubarak was already corrupted from the beginning. 
A small group of Mubarak supporters celebrated Mubarak's birthday at Maspero , the ERTV building and they celebrated it in a way that left of huge mark : Violence. They were clashes between them and those who claimed to be Mubarak's opponents !!
It is worth to mention that no one mentioned Mubarak's birthday on TV in celebratory way except one and he is not even Egyptian , it is none other than our Kuwaiti friend on Scoop. I think he is the one man in the world to celebrate Mubarak's birthday in this way.
I wonder how Mubarak feels when he sees this
Here are couple of very rare photos from Mubarak's photo albums 
Egyptian Royal air forces Mohamed Hosni El-Sayid Mubarak
Very young Mubarak
during royalty
Young officer Hosni Mubarak
Another young Mubarak
After 1952 coup
Behind El Shazly
My personal favorite
Behind El-Shazly
Now to the gossip segment : It seems that the former/ousted President believes in fortune telling because we got stories that when he was a VP a Sudanese fortune teller told him that he would be the king of Egypt "well he became the pharaoh of Egypt" and he called the same fortune teller after becoming the president to tell him what was going to him and he told him what he saw.
The Sudanese fortune teller allegedly told him that he would die in the same year , he would appoint a vice president and that is why for nearly 30 years we had not a vice president. We had a vice president after the revolution only.
From several weeks ago Al Ahram provoked millions of Egyptians and reported that a native woman called Um Maged visited Mubarak in his suite in the fourth floor of the heavily protected hospital for 5 minutes !! Yes Um Maged visited the ill former president and Suzanne Mubarak cried in her arms. "Yes Suzanne Mubarak cried in Um Maged arms after kissing her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
We thought that it was expressional fake news but again it turned out it is true but allegedly Um Maged is not just a native of Sinai , she is a fortune teller !! Of course the lady denied being a fortune teller and said that if she were a fortune teller , she would be richer than Hussein Salem. 
I am afraid that I do not buy her claim and I think she is really fortune teller because no way on earth or heavens she would meet Mubarak in Sharm so easily.
May be the Sudanese fortune teller is true and Mubarak has died as a President when he appointed a VP , I said "died as a president" because he was already dead as a human , from inside from a very long time. 


  1. Cant believe mubarak and his wife believe in fortune teller! that is why Allah swt punished him and his family. May they all rot in hell insyallah! I have no mercy for him and his family at all but I have deepest sadness for those martyrs and their families who have yet to see justice for them! We want to see justice and punishment and the stolen money back to Egypt to help build the country!

  2. 'Sudanese' fortune-teller...

    How stereotypical...

    Please leave us out of this!

  3. So in your view what should Mubarak have done when he became President after Sadat's assassination?

  4. Just an addition - what could Mubarak have done to make his governance more 'sustainable'..?

  5. No limit to human stupidity .... Egypt already in the abyss ... stop! Stop looking enemies, and millions! Bring back the normal life of people! Scary!


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