Thursday, June 16, 2011

And Hussein Salem is arrested in Spain now !? "Updated"

Either there are two Hussein Salems or this is another rumor or he is an escape artist !!
There is a news in Cairo spreading wild like fire that Hussein Salem has been arrested in Spain by the Spanish Interpol and that the Spanish authorities are going to extradite him to Cairo in the next few day. The news was published in both Al Masry Al Youm and Original Dostor. Allegedly he was arrested at his villa there.
Salem holds Spanish passport , I do not know if this means the Spanish authorities would not arrest him as a Spanish citizen but I know that it was made clear in his Interpol wanted profile that he got the Spanish nationality. So this means the Interpol will arrest him regardless of his charge.
Now from few days ago we heard that he was arrested and detained by the Swiss authorities that are awaiting for the Egyptian government to request him officially in order to extradite. According to our expats there the Egyptian ambassador and the consul have not received anything yet and we were back in Cairo shocked for our government’s reaction !!
So is he arrested by the Swiss or by the Spanish !? Is he in Switzerland or in Spain !? Has he been arrested in the first place !?
We all remember the rumor about Salem’s arrest in Israel and how it was denied so we do not know anything.
I tried to be get confirmations from Spain but there has been nothing from there yet as far as I know.
Back to Salem , well according to new information I found surprisingly he is not from a military background , he is an officer.
He was graduated from the faculty of Commerce and worked in our embassy in Baghdad in 1960s when Amin Howeidi was our ambassador there from 1963-1965. Allegedly Howeidi admired the cleverness of Salem and his commercial mind, he made him join the GIS specifically in their cover up commercial companies. Yet after some years he was fired because some shadowy deals.I do not know or how the bond between Mubarak and Salem became so strong. Already before the late 1970s when his name appeared powerfully in the arms deals , we can’t get real solid information taken in consideration that we do not have a real information act in Egypt. “Once former diplomat said that we have some information act !!!?”
Back to Salem , he is facing several charges now specifically his alleged bribe to the Mubaraks and the exportation of gas case.
The story is already developing.
Mucho gracias Spain in advance.
Update : 
  • The news is confirmed in Spain , here is the news in Spanish from El Pais.  He was arrested Majorca 
  • This is the fifth time actually we hear that Salem was arrested , the first one was on 31st January when there was a rumor that he was arrested in Dubai then in Switzerland which he denied himself  , while the third time he was rumored to be in Israel and the last time was again in Switzerland.
  • The head of Egyptian Interpol confirmed the news. 
  • Salem is a Spanish citizen since 2007
  • I am trying to know if there is an extradition deal between Egypt and Spain or not 
  • The General prosecutor will demand the extradition of Salem insh Allah on Friday under UN conventions which Egypt and Spain signed. 
  • More updates from Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia . Hussein Salem was arrested in Madrid and not in Majorca , he was arrested for financial corruption along his son and his partner. He is accused of money laundry related to fundraising in Spain and also in Egypt. The Spanish has been investigating him and it seems that they checked with their Egyptian counterparts. The Spanish authorities seized 33 million Euros from illegal bank accounts and dozen of properties in Cala del Moral and the Costa del sol worth 4 or 5 millions euros.
  • He will stand in front of the high court there supposedly in the coming days so I do not know how we will get him from there but tomorrow a diplomatic delegation will head to Madrid. I think the Salems will prefer Egypt's Porto Tora than the Spanish prisons.  

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  1. The constitution prohibit extradition of nationals, and since he is a Spanish citizen, they will not be able "constitutionally" to extradite him even if there was a treaty between Egypt and Spain.


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