Friday, June 17, 2011

Women2Drive : Just hit the road

Saudi women are making history today , those few Saudi brave Saudi women are making history by daring move to drive in the streets of kingdom.
I am following the #women2drive on twitter and I am more than happy , more than proud of my Saudi sisters. Several ladies already hit the road , some of them went to the supermarket while others just drove around. Some of them were accompanied by their husbands and their dads as well while others were real brave and went alone.
Here is a video showing a lady identified as the first woman driver in Riyadh driving in the early hours of today.
The first woman driver in Riyadh on June 17,2011
The start of social revolution is like a rain that starts with small drops so ladies please start your engines and hit the road girls.
Manal Al-Sherif , God bless you and all those brave ladies who broke the ice for real , here is Manal’s twitter account and I am reading with so much joy and pride. I will quote her tweet because it summarized everything.

It is shame that the land that witnessed the women fighting besides men in fierce battles from 1400 years ago to protect a new faith calls for mercy and respect for human beings. I would like you to read this op-ed by Photographer/activist/princess Reem El Faisal about this basic right. Prince Khaled El Waleed supports the right of women to drive as well.
Allegedly the Saudi police received secret orders not to arrest any lady today.
We are all Saudi ladies today.


  1. Well, soon will be in Egypt at night only to go behind the wheel, if the Muslim Brotherhood to power. Thanks to the revolution.

  2. Oh great, just what the world needs. More women drivers.

  3. Jason, you're a troglodyte. Check the USA's insurance rates fof men vs. women. Statistically proven, women are better drivers. Why? Because they are not dicks that think with their dicks, you dick.

  4. @misinformed. Jason was just making a joke, lighten up

  5. Okay, Jason. But get new material. Sorry for overreaction, but I hear stuff like that in Texas all the time. Common wisdom that has no factual basis.

  6. Haha,,, they'll be having arguments like this in Saudi soon! :o))


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