Friday, June 17, 2011

Hussein Salem Follow up : Will he be transferred to Cairo or not !?

The question in Cairo now is not whether Hussein Salem was arrested or not but whether he will be extradited to Cairo or not. There are a lot of news allegedly coming from Madrid and Cairo we do not know if they were true or false.

Officially the ministry of foreign affairs began that formalities work in order to extradite , an envoy from Cairo is heading to Madrid insh Allah today.

Now El Badeel newspaper claims that Salem will not be extradited because he waivered his Egyptian nationality and thus he is now an official Spanish citizen. Accordingly to what I know the Spanish laws say as a Spanish citizen he will not be extradited !!? If he truly waivered his Egyptian nationality , well it is good thing for Egypt with my due respect and bad thing for Spain. This man has got no nationality except GREED.

There is a rumor that he has also got a Saudi passport. We are not sure from this yet though. May be it is just like his Israeli passport.

There is nothing about this in Spanish press as far as I know. Here is a report from Spanish newspaper ABC about Salem , it seems that he got other partners from Turkey arrested with him. This is just a bad police detective film. Here is a video from the Spanish National police showing his villa and the cash they found in his villa.

Hussein Salem’s villa

It is ironic when Salem thinks that he is safe in Spain and will not be arrested and yet he gets arrested in this way now !! This revolution from the start was a divine miracle. Seriously I know that the Salems wish that the old man and his son Khaled would have been arrested in Egypt , at least they will join the businessmen club in Tora !!!

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  1. The reports about his Saudi nationality come from Spanish press. This is no rumour as it were revealed by a Spanish Police official who spoke under conditions of anonymity. La Vanguardia says the Spanish nationality MAY prevent Hussein Salem being handed over to the Egyptian authorities, taking in account that Salem was arrested for crimes committed in Spain, not for those committed in Egypt according to La Vanguardia.

    Spanish only recognizes dual nationality if the other nationality was of a Latin American country, Portugal, or Andorra. Hence, the other nationality that Salem holds, be it Egyptian, Saudi or even Israel, will not be taken into account by the Spanish Authorities.


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