Friday, June 17, 2011

Blame it on Safwat !!!

In a very comic interview for Al Ahram portal we found larger than life former minister of culture Farouk Hosni claiming that Safwat El Sherif is behind the rumor of his homosexuality in Egypt !!!

Farouk Hosni : Safwat Sherif is behind the gay rally rumor

Of course it is worth to mention that in this interview Hosni did not confirm or deny the rumor of his homosexuality in Egypt but rather denied that he walked in a gay rally.He did not mention why Safwat El Sherif would spread such rumor.

It is worth to mention that he said that he married and had a divorce twice because he is an artist  ‘he did not mention that before’

We all know about his sexuality and to be honest my family knew it from long time ago from late diplomat who used to work in Roma with him.

Hosni is off the hook , he got clever mind indeed but seriously what goes around , comes around. Sooner files and people will surface that will show the truth and the corruption of Hosni.

I am sorry if I am wasting your time with this but actually many Egyptians had a good laugh at this interview today’s morning !!


  1. Even his mannerisms are very effiminate and gay. Really his being gay is the least of his issues. Dude is a BIG CROOK.

    Is he from Mounoufiyah. Those Mounoufee people make me sick. Crooks and sneaky. The lot of them.

  2. Arabs, when you become strong, Israel will listen,
    until then Israel calls the shots as pointed out above, true peace any time soon therefore is unlikely.


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