Sunday, June 12, 2011

The association of Syria street

The logo of the association
at one of the shops there "Facebook"
Syria street is known to be a busy vital street in Mohendessin area. It is not only busy but also crowded thanks to its shops making it a hell for parking at the evening. Lately people have noticed something in the street then new shops , they noticed a sign with the name “The Youth of Syria street association”. Now who are those youth and what is this association !?
It is simply a group of Syria street’s young residents who believe that they can bring a true change to their own street starting from keeping it clean and organized. Those wonderful young people have stopped activities though now due to exams yet they have got promising plans for their streets.
Now some political activists are sad that this is just a social group that care for the street and not for politics, well guess what this social group can be a start for a political movement. When you care for your street to be clean and its residents are safer , soon enough you will think of protecting  your neighborhood in better way through representation. May be one of those young volunteers will think of running in the municipal elections in order to protect the interests of neighborhood then when he gets older , he will think to run for the parliament. 
Of course these political activists have their eyes on the parliament and believe that the real change is only achieved through politics while it is not enough. Our focus in this time should be fixed on the municipals in order to fight corruption for real at the rock bottom. People can’t silent or passive anymore.
These young people at Syria street wish that their experience succeeds in order to be implemented across the country. I hope for the sake of Egypt that insh Allah that this experience succeeds.

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