Monday, June 13, 2011

Wonder when the Egyptian version of these clips will surface !?

Back to the wonderful and beautiful Tunisia , it seems that the Ben Alis did not back their stuff as the Mubaraks did because their family videos began to surface. It is rare glimpse to the life of a dictator . Amazingly they are humans like us , of course they were humans who believed that they were Gods !!
Ben Ali at some yacht
The little girl that dances at the beginning was not other than Zahwa Arafat , the daughter of late Yasser Arafat , her mom Suha was in the clip as well. Accordingly that clip was recorded before her departure from Tunisia in 2007.
There is another videos for Laila Ben Ali in Seychelles along a group of other women from her family and friends along with her son Mohamed Ben Ali.
Laila Ben Ali in Seychelles . 2
There is a clip I found on Facebook showing Ben Ali , his wife , daughter and his brother in law at some European Capital. I think the young lady kissing Ben Ali in the video was his daughter Halima if I am not mistaken.

Now allegedly this clip was recorded for the Ben Alis while arriving at Jeddah
The Ben Alis at Jeddah
I think the Mubaraks and other dictators should delete their personal video films and clips.
I do not know why I remember why I remember President Nasser who was fond of filming and his family got interesting archive for their daily life during summer vacations. I do not mean anything by this remark by the way.


  1. I hate that you've made us see their human part :) especially his daughter kissing him like I do to my father.. I don't want to feel sorry for them..

  2. شوية مهرجين كانوا ماسكينا .. انا مش عارف هيقابلوا ربنا ازاي


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