Saturday, June 11, 2011

To lift or not to lift the curfew !?

SCAF is having its first poll on its official Facebook regarding its decision to lift the curfew in Egypt .

The Facebook users are being asked whether they would like to lift the curfew next June 15 or keep it till the end of insecurity in the country or keep till the Presidential elections next December.The current curfew officially imposed in Egypt is from 2 AM to 5 AM. SCAF announced earlier that it was going to lift the curfew next June 15th,2011 but today there is a poll asking the Facebook users about their opinion on the curfew. Strangely enough no one paid attention to this small detail about the presidential elections.

Up till now the majority of the Facebook users who participated in the vote want the curfew to continue till the end of insecurity despite the fact the curfew is only 3 hours !! Even when it was longer during the past months it did not help in reducing the crime rate and insecurity as far as I noticed. The only thing that proved its use in combating the insecurity was the public committees and check points. I wish they will return again during the summer vacation.

It is worth to mention that the emergency law has not been lifted yet despite the promises that it will be lifted before the elections. The first elections “insh Allah” we are going to have are the parliamentary elections next September according to what has been announced so far. Now people are speaking about the curfew while they seem to forget The emergency law which is much more important than the curfew .

The emergency law and the curfew have nothing to do with security or insecurity at all. The emergency law did not stop the horrible increasing crime rate in Egypt in the past few years. The curfew , especially the 3 curfew did not stop the criminals and thugs from terrorizing citizens in Egypt.

Back to the poll , I do not understand why SCAF would ask the people’s opinion if it already took its decision !? Will the council reconsider its decision based on a Facebook poll that less than 100,000 have voted in !? This decision affects and will affect millions of Egyptians , here I am not speaking about the tourism movement but rather the internal trade movement.

The curfew was first imposed during the revolution on January 28th. It was the curfew and the longest since the uprising of central security forces troops in mid 1980s.

I do not want to be biased , I do not want to direct the Egyptian readers to vote , but I support the decision to lift the curfew starting from June 15th.


  1. If it wasn't so idiotic one could laugh one's head off. Clearly the SCAF has no clue what they are doing and are totally insecure in dealing with the country. Lifting the curfew and returning total freedom to the Egyptian people is a must after what has been endured during the revolution. As if those silly three hours would make any difference. What I think is they are fearing peaceful demonstrations or sit-ins during the night and want to keep themselves a loophole open to be ably to arrest people on the grounds they are violating the curfew. The SCAF will never arrive in the democracy. They just have not learned anything these last months.

  2. I don't really think it makes a difference because the military police and regular police will remain incompetent with or without the the curfew. "Acts of thuggery" occur during all hours of the day.


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