Tuesday, June 7, 2011

An Egyptian Version for this website is needed now !!

Despite we will have the parliamentary elections before the constitution according to the referendum yet I think we should work on an Egyptian version for this website from now.
Let’s discuss the constitutional reforms” is a Moroccan website dedicated to the discussion of the upcoming constitutional reforms in Morocco where users vote on the constitution articles and discuss it interactively. It is a great idea indeed.
We can contact the Moroccan team behind the original website to help us or we can even use Google moderate and put the proposed articles of the new constitution to see in advance the reaction of the people. There is no doubt that internet surveys do not reflect or represent the Egyptian society as a whole considering the number of the Egyptian internet users, still discussion and awareness are too much needed now.
Also we are situation is different from our dear Moroccan brothers because we are speaking a new constitution from scratch. My idea is that when the new constitution discussion comes , we can have similar website to create awareness and see what the people want. In fact we can start from now.
Already that committee of constitution should include representatives from all over Egypt not only constitutional experts , thus this website can help the committee. We can even put all our old constitutions , also the constitutions of other countries and discuss them online.
We all know that the biggest step in our revolution is putting a new constitution that reflects the Egyptian people , the 85 million Egyptian people whether inside or outside the country. It will not be the mission of upcoming parliament or the SCAF or the government but rather the mission of the people. The people must show their seriousness to the SCAF that they are not indifferent to the constitution despite the majority vote Yes in the last referendum.
We should plan for the future from and not only to stand and scream “Constitution first” to the end of this talk then blame ourselves , if you are not ready tomorrow then you will never be ready forever.All our old constitutions were prepared in darkness ,we want a constitution to be prepared in the light.
Here are links related to the Egyptian constitutions : "From Wikipedia" 


  1. Are you aware of http://dostour2011.com/ ?

  2. You have a very limited consciousness .... and gregarious, must have their own thoughts and not copy others.You have already copied the revolution ....

  3. el sha3b yoreed (tawafoq sha3by)

    this debate going on of (constitution first or parliament) is so unhealthy and so against the revolution! fact: "el sha3b" is sick of political groups fighting..

    can we say that the tweet nadwa was a mini (tawafoq sha3by).. quys i loved your tweetnadwa, it proves that the media isn’t showing what's really going on.

    why do i feel all the time that elder ppl, nokhba, old political groups, whatever their name is, the ppl that appears in tv and conferences always think like 50yrs ago, our generation have different reality than theirs. We shouldn't follow their direction or views, because it’s based on their old problems & issues 50yrs ago, like Secular VS. Islamist; this isn’t Egypt anymore, even MB elders think the same as 50 yrs ago, they think if we aren't with them then we r against islam, this isn’t true.. of course there maybe some ppl like that but not the mainstream.

    we have a big base of agreement in our generation, no one now can say that he’s against islam or religion; it’s became a culture thing now. Facts; most if the girls are veiled, most of us pray, tahrir had huge prayers with or without MB, this wasn’t the case 50yrs ago, and this doesn't mean at all that the mainstream is with islamic politics or against. Islam in our social or religious life is different that islam in politics.

    we united in tahrir, something elders wouldn't have done years ago, & we even liked very much the fact that tahrir was full of different ppl, we should keep it like that, it’s the media that categorized and showed that we r fighting, because they got us the old parties and the old minds with their old issues & sadly we believed it. It's like after the 18 days we went back home to see ppl fighting on TV and we suddenly decided to take sides.

    these "nokhba" "qowa seyaseya" or whatever, if we had waited for them to agree on something or an agenda to go to the streets on Jan 25 we would have never done anything.. everyone of us "el sha3b" decided to go to the street because he felt his part of responsibility in this country's future.. they are even fighting who was the reason or the biggest base of tahrir!! if we decided to wait for them to agree they wouldn't do anything.. and then we did it somehow in this tweetnadwa, if this nadwa was the that kind of conferences that have names like sobhi saleh, mamdouh hamza,.. etc, it wouldnt have been productive.

    so, can we do that again?!.. remember Jan 25.. we didn't wait for them, we did it without them and they had to join. Why not we "youth" make our (tawafoq watani) on our own and then political parties, political groups, stubborn elders will have to join in the end if it was successful.. let's make them have no option but to respect "el sha3b"!

    this tweet nadwa proved this. i didn't attend but i watched it live.. you guys were able to talk and discuss without fighting and with respect to each other.. our differences make us complete one another; you proved that fact.. we need the religious groups, liberals, and leftists for the country, we need liberals' freedom and we need leftists' social justice and we need religious groups morals because it's a reality in the society, maybe religious groups will be the ppl that will always remind us of our belonging to islamic & arab world.. everyone should know all of this and accept it as a fact, and if we agreed now on basics for this country then it wont make a difference which come first the constitution or parliament.

    can we please do that ya ppl ba2a.. if there is a real (tawafoq sha3by) in the street then it should show.. can we start a real (tawafoq watani) from us, not from yahia el gamal not from mamdouh hamza or anyone.. our beat is different than that.

    sorry for the long comment but i had to write this somewhere, and excuse me, i'm not a politics expert, i just wrote what i have according to my weak understanding.


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