Wednesday, June 8, 2011

VirginityGate : Is this a confession !? Is this a promise !?

HRW executive director Kenneth Roth is in a visit in Cairo and he met the minister of justice and some unnamed member of SCAF. “Either it is Shahin or El Assar”
There was no doubt that the two things Roth spoke with the officials in Cairo were the virginity checks and the tribunal trials. In a press conference held at the syndication of journalists in Cairo Roth said that the officials justified the military trials and claimed that they were using on a narrow scale !!
Now regarding the virginity checks well despite the SCAF’s denial of such incident to occur to Roth , the council delivered to him a message that it gave its orders to end these tests !!! So despite the official denials , the tests will ended !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not know if it is a sick joke or what seriously.
Of course I dedicate this page from Yahoo News about the Roth’s statement to the SCAF to see how their stupid justification is being used widely to insult Islam. ‘By the way I have not heard any objection from the Muslim brotherhood or the Salfists regarding this scandal despite what these ladies had been through is against the teaching of Islam totally’
SCAF lost a lot in the scandal and it will not repair things just by childish denials and promises to international officials. So I do not know if we are in front of confession or a promise here.
It is worth to mention the generals at least like the one who spoke with Shahira Amin and also Lt.General Ismail Etman who spoke with Bothaina Kamel admitted there were tests.
Earlier today I read a tweet that France 24 was allegedly threatened to revoke its license because it would run a story about Salwa ,the only woman to come forward to the media speaking. I do not know how accurate this information though as Salwa spoke before to foreign media like CNN and LA Times.


  1. Zenobia, ample shame these women.You so glorify them for the whole world.Think about how they live with this shame.

  2. confession?promise? if I understand correctly your main concern was the publicity of the case and how it made your beloved army looks, you do not you a problem with the army literally sticking fingers in women as long as it's kept hush hush? what about justice for those women?

  3. Try to see it from the army point of view first to be fair.
    First the army is learning on the job and has a huge task ahead.
    Secondly what if they were right and these girls were not virgins??? What if they did arrest them and then later when the girls parents found out they had been out all night in a tent with boys and arrested they wouls assme that their daughters were not virgins either wouldn't they?
    So if you are in the girls position and you are not a virgin in the first place.
    What if they were not virgins. What if their parents thought they were sleeping at a friends house and had no idea they were sharing tents with boys. What when they werte arrested the parents came to see them angry at them being arrested and sleeping in tents and then these girls accuse the army or raping them!!!!!!! Did you not think about that?
    They wouldn't admit to not being virgins would they to their parents so it is easier after they have been arrested to blame the army for them not being virgins.
    I'm with the army on this one.
    They didn't want to get blamed for them not being virgins.
    You will also notice that the families and the rest of the girls have been very quiet about all of this!! They probably realised their own daughters were not virgins and want this whole thing to go away and for people to stop talking about it.

  4. what a load of bollocks by someone with poo in their head instead of grey matter. Their virginity or lack of is their own business, not yours not ours and certainly not the army's you arrogant ignorant ass. What about the boys' virginity, does it not matter?? what if the guys arrested claimed they were raped by the army, perhaps the army should probe their butt-holes to ensure no future legal claims? see the brilliance and lack of logic in your argument? you are with the army in this one? not surprised as you have the same dysfunctional brain.

  5. the irony in what happened which the army and the previous fucker commenter can't see:
    the army decided to refute any possible rape claims by actually raping the women.

  6. Today on "Sabah Dream" Dina Abdelrahman had a guest, a journalist, but I don't remember her name. She said she wanted to illustrate some strange things she'd noticed about the state media lately.

    She was just pointing out how Al Ahram used the misleading headline: "Human Rights Watch Praises the Armed Forces Council" in its (small) article on the Human Rights Watch Report, when she was cut off literally in mid-sentence.

    There were a series of commercials, then when the show returned the journalist was gone without a comment.

  7. @Anon 0243

    Please kill yourself and spare the world of your stupidity. kthxbye

  8. The comment by Anonymous 6/08/2011 02:43:00 PM "what if they were right and these girls were not virgins???" etc., and people's reactions to it are the FUNNIEST DAMN THINGS I have ever read on Egyptian Chronicles. Oh my god I have tears of mirth streaming down my face. Zeinobia, you should do a post just showcasing that comment and discussing it...


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