Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The DSK Connection

Omar arrested by NYPD
Do you remember when I wondered why Mohamed Abdel Salam Omar was in NY !? Do you remember that !? According to some sources Omar was rather to receive some award in the saline industry considering the fact that El Max company is from the major Saline producing companies in the Middle East not only in Egypt.
As you may know the arrest of Omar comes right after the arrest of Strauss-Kahn in NY , it was strange coincidence that a second banker would be arrested in NY for sexual assault just like DSK.
Well the Europeans got a very interesting conspiracy theory that connects between DSK and Omar in the strangest way ever aside from the fact that the conspiracy theory itself is too unbelievably strange.
Of course many French believe that DSK was framed and that it was a honey trap despite no one denies the fact that DSK is womanizer. This is even wilder than what I imagined !! I though that he was there for some money transfer issue from Egypt considering the facts that we are speaking one of the big former public banks CEOs in the Mubarak era.
Anyhow the DSK case has just started and I think we are going to see the best American French Drama ever.
Thanks for dear Reem for the link.


  1. You know this is just a spoof, right?

    Check out their other fascinating true story about a parallel world hidden inside our own one:

  2. Yeah, it's a spoof. Here's Anonymous's link enabled: Parallel world hidden inside Earth

  3. It's a case of two dirty old men, plain and simple.


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