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Egyptian X-File Reopened : The Moon’s sister strikes again

Late Soad Hosni
Another Egyptian X-file is reopened again with the fall of the Mubarak’s regime icon and it is not like any other Egyptian X-file , it is the Moon’s sister’s file.
I knew that as soon as Safwat El Sherif fell , that Soad Hosni would hunt him down from her grave and that it was a matter of time .. and divine justice.
After years of denial and fear Soad Hosni’s family is officially accusing Safwat El Sherif of assassinating Soad. After years of denying what Ahmed Fouad Nagm and Etmad Khorisd said , Soad Hosni’s family got the courage to say that Soad was allegedly assassinated in London because of her tell all memoirs.
According to the theory Soad Hosni was writing her tell all memoirs and she decided not to let any secret regarding her work in the GIS under the supervision of Safwat El Sherif during the 1960s and how he recruited her to work with him after blackmailing her by some scandalous photos. Soad was among the ladies who testified against him and Saleh Nasr in 1968 in the infamous morale scandal of intelligence.
Some will ask why Safawt El Sherif would be bothered as we all know this in Egypt especially Soad Hosni testified officially in 1968 and this was all documented in the investigations by the prosecution. Also his role as a pimp was well known in Etmad Khorshid’s tell all book. Well the answer is simply we are speaking about the memories of Soad Hosni , the legendary Soad Hosni who captured the hearts and minds and is capturing the hearts and minds of millions and millions of Arabs through out the world. These memories would have been best selling without doubt. Millions of Egypt do not know Etmad Khorshid but they know who Soad Hosni was.
Soad already suffered a lot in her late years and I believe it was deliberate thing from Safwat and she decided to bring on him and Mubarak who appointed a pimp as a minister of decades in Egypt like that
Nadia Yosri 
Now there are new leads in the case and these leads are none other than Nadia Yosri and Hussein Fahmy . ‘Oh yes Hussein Fahmy ,the famous star’
If you remeber Nadia Yosri was Soad’s friend in London and the owner of the apartment at which Soad was killed or from which Soad jumped at the infamous Steward tower according to the official story. Nadia Yorsi was so much hated in the media and there were a lot of question marks about her thanks to her contradicting stories. I remember there was a direct accusation to her from Soad’s family and friends that she was the one behind Soad’s assassination based on the assumption that she stole the money Soad got for her memoires.
Now Nadia is speaking and claiming that she kept Soad’s pillow with traces of blood all those years for fear “they” would stalk her. She did not mention who are “they” nor did mention why she kept the pillow and did not show to the British investigators. I have always suspected that Mosri was among the girls recruited by Safwat El Sherif in 1960s especially she says that her friendship with Soad goes to 1960s. She seemed to me more of shaken then a conspirator
Hussein Fahmi and Soad Hosni
from 'Amira my love' 1975
In all those years people wondered about the memories of Soad Hosni and their fate. Where did they disappear !!? For sure Soad and her ghost writer or writers kept a copy. For sure Soad recorded with her voice her memories in order to help to her ghost writers. The conspiracy theory says that whoever killed her , got rid from these copies but who knows !? I just hope that the CD Hussein Fahmy claimed to have is that CD ,the memories in her own voice. Hussein Fahmy claims that he has got a CD that supports the theory that she was killed but did not reveal anything about it. The Hosnis’ attorney is going to present that CD to the prosecution office. 
I do not underestimate the fear both Soad Hosni’s family , Nadia Yosri and Hussein Fahmy lived in all those years but I do not understand for one moment Abdel Latif El Manawy is playing. The infamous new sector’s chief at the Egyptian TV during the early days of the revolution was allegedly her ghost writer. Of course he is denying this now but based what we have seen from him during the revolution , I found it hard to believe anything he claims.
This is another X-file reopened and I just pray that it will not be closed except when we know the truth , the full truth not for the sake of anyone except for the sake moon’s sister.
A cartoon from Shorouk newspaper by
Amr Salim
Watch out from Soso

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  1. ...and this will shine yet more light on Soad Hosni's fate Regards FromJoanne :)


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