Saturday, June 18, 2011

Salem in Spain : This is a real big bail !!

Hussein Salem is going to pay the second largest bail in the history of Spain ,yes the second largest bail in the history of Spain as we are speaking about 26 million euros !! According to some sources the Salems are going to pay that large bail. ‘Salem used to have billions annually as profits from the gas deal with Israel so it is not a big deal for him’

Salem is currently at hospital and it turns out that Salem has got two nationalities officially so far : The Spanish and the Saudi. It will be hard to extradite yet the Egyptian authorities are planning to prove that he had been an Egyptian citizen before 2005 based on official documents. According to Spanish embassy in Cairo he was arrested by the Interpol despite we thought that he was arrested by the National police

The usual gossip coming from Sharm El Sheikh claims that Suzanne Mubarak has not told her husband about the arrest of his best buddy yet. There is also interesting rumor saying that the Interpol arrested Salem in Spain in order to extradite him with Grapel !!!

Now he is being arrested , journalists began to search for his roots and the beginning of his relation with Mubarak. As I hinted before Salem was graduated from the faculty of commerce and used to work in the embassy of Cairo in Baghdad between year 1963-1965 when our ambassador there was none other than Amin Howeidi. Howeidi admired his economic mind and decided to transfer him from the ministry of foreign affairs to the Egyptian intelligence. Salem was working in the economic sector of the apparatus thus he was not an officer as some claimed. In 1972 he was kicked off the apparatus when President Sadat was getting rid from the followers of Nasser’s central powers through out the state. Now you must know Sadat did not get rid from the good officers or employees but rather those loyal and in the side of the central forces. It was not about his Nasserism as El Shorouk newspaper put it , real Nasserites are not like Salem from new or far.

From 1972 to 1979 he worked in UAE and he was responsible for the State’s purchases. He started to build his fortune from then thanks to the commissions he began to receive. In 1979 he returned back to Cairo where he worked officially in the ministry of economy. It was a significant year in the life of Salem as he was sent to work in our diplomatic commission in the States. Allegedly he knew Mounir Thabet and Abu Ghazla there and thus his relation with Mubarak started from there. Of course in my opinion I think he knew them before , at least from 1977. Either ways the White wings company and the shady arms deal began from then.

Now interestingly enough as Mubarak is currently accused by members in Sadat’s clan of murdering the late president , the “White wings” name is there as among the reasons why allegedly Mubarak planned to get from President Sadat. Allegedly President Sadat did not know about the activities of that rat pack except very late. According to the theory he began to know about it through the military intelligence investigation about the air plane crash in which former minister of war Ahmed Badawy was killed in year 1981. Allegedly Badawy knew about that company and wanted to report it to Sadat but he was killed in a strange air crash. Ironically all the fingers pointed to Sadat at that time.

The second lead President Sadat got was from minister Hassab Allah El-Hafarawy who knew about the activities of the White wings during a visit to Spain. The testimony of Hassab Allah El-Kafarawy is among the the main testimonies the Sadat clans depend upon in their case against Mubarak.

This is not the end of Salem’s story , this is just the start. Anyhow  his case , some activists are angry from the bail’s news. You got actor and activist Amr Waked wondering what was going in Spain.


  1. Off topic but OMFG... this is one of the BEST RANTS EVER. Al-Arabiya TV Owner Is a Homosexual. Don't miss it!

  2. With Salem you are in the no mans land of CIA territory. My guess is he knows too many secrets to ever see the inside of a courtroom. EATSCO, Iran-Contra, the Afghan Jihad are the backdrop to this scandal. All those rogue agents. Its a good living.

  3. Speaking of a good living, the Spanish are making a tidy profit from his arrest: nearly half-a billion Egyptian pounds just from the fines he's been charged so far. Naturally, he's paying these fines from the money he stole from the Egyptian people.

    This is a nice scam; expect other foreign governments to figure out a "legal" way to hold on to the loot stolen by Mubarak's gang, money that "our" government has not lifted a finger to get back, despite all the hot air and empty gestures. Meanwhile, our 'revolutionary' government is busy signing away our sovereignty and future wealth to the bloodsuckers of the IMF and World Bank.

    At the same time, they're refusing to take simple, rational steps like removing fuel subsidies used by steel and cement and ceramics factories, which use up the bulk of the subsidized fuel and realize 50% or higher profits, then sell the finished products to Egyptians for prices at or higher than international prices.

    So Egyptians, at least 40% of whom live on less than $2 per day, are generously subsidizing the Spanish and billionaire manufacturers and trillionaire international financial institutions, all with the passive or active collaboration of our very own "revolutionary" government.

    Am I the only one who's sick and tired of the noisy Kabuki theater diverting our attention while the same old types (under a "new" label) continue uninterrupted to loot our country's present and future wealth?


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