Sunday, June 5, 2011

Naksa Anniversary : the unforgettable Defeat

Today is the 5/6/2011 , the anniversary of the most ugliest defeat Arab nations faced in its modern history , it is the scare that does not want to heal as long as the Golan , the West Bank and Gaza are still occupied.
This year the anniversary comes in a very critical time , in the Arab summer in our revolutionary year. This year I believe there is a hope unlike any other time and I think this is what freaks Israel. The Israeli leaders in 1967 knew that their strike should be painful in order to break any hopes for the Arab countries. Unfortunately they managed to do this for decades not because of their superior mind but rather to the fact that for decades the Arab countries were ruled by tyrannies who destroyed the hopes and dreams of their people and the best example is in Syria.
Anyhow I believe insh Allah this soon will be changed because there is a new hope , a new dream.
Yes we have returned back Sinai in both war and peace but thousands of Egyptian POWs and civilians were killed in this war against international laws. Thousand Egyptian POWs were killed in Sinai and also in prison camps in Israel. I tried to document the Egyptian POWs case as much as I can in English all the past years in order to show the world our cause. Our problem is that we only speak Arabic when we should speak to the world by every living language. The international law says that these Egyptian POWs have rights , their families have rights.
I have a great hope insh Allah that in the New Egypt after the revolution we will open this file and heal this wound forever.
Moving to what happened today in West Bank or in the Golan. Again Syrians and Palestinians tried to get in to Golan. The Syrian authorities say that the IDF killed not less than 6 Palestinians “including allegedly one child” and injured not less than 100. While the Israelis from their side are denying and claiming that El Assad is trying to hide its crimes in Syria. The IDF published online a video showing a IDF officer warning the so-called rioters from crossing the borders in Arabic. There are reports coming from Golan that the IDF is targeting the Palestinian protesters trying to get in with snipers.  The irony is that there are IDF soldiers killed and other were injured while driving over the IDF mines in Golan.

You must know that on June 5,2011 11:35 AM GMT Golan became a worldwide trend.
Here are videos from Golan today , from Magdel Shams.

Things in the West bank are not that great because there are hundreds of Palestinian and left wing Israeli protesters clashes with the IDF. Many are reportedly injured. At least 90 were injured in Qalandiya and 7 were arrested in East Jerusalem which is closed town now for Arabs. The IDF used as usually rubber and live bullets and tear gas grenades.
Here are videos from Qalandiya showing protesters injured.

The Palestinians in Lebanon could not cross the borders as the Lebanese army made sure what happened on Nakba day would not happen again. There is a tough security of the Palestinian refugee camps there.
In the end I love this tweet from @LeilZahra about Naksa

Now here are couple of fact I have learned today :
We did not cross borders , borders crossed us indeed !!


  1. Visited your blog for the first time today - good luck in your struggle for Egyptians to enjoy the fruits of freedom that we in the west take for granted... However, your post on "Naksa" can't pass without comment:

    Israel violated more than 140 UN resolutions yet it has not been subjected to economic sanctions and arms embargo.

    **Only UNSC resolutions are enforced by sanctions etc. General Assembly resolutions are weighted against Israel owing to alliances between emerging nations bloc, Mulsim states, and other members dependent on Saudi and/or Iranian financial or energy largesse

    During the creation of the Zionist state in 1948 , approximately 3 quarters of a million Palestinian became refugee.

    ** Yes hundreds of thousands of refugees were created, but at the instigation of their leaders holding the prospect of a return to land liberated from the Zionist usurpers. Also - what about the 800,000 Jews expelled from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Iran, etc. and their wealth confiscated in 1948? Instead of 60+years in squalor, they were absorbed by Israel and contributed to the development of a strong, successful thriving democracy

    The Golan was occupied because of the Israeli greed nothing more , nothing else
    The importance of Golan to Israel according to BBC world news

    **As the BBC article states - from 1948 until 1967 Syria used the strategic position of the Golan to continually rain fire down onto Israeli farms and villages in the Galilee. Occupation has allowed these people to live in peace, and this peace would continue with the return of the Golan to Syria in exchange for a meaningful and eternal end to hostilities.

    The Israel-Palestine question will only be settled when Israel believes it is no longer under threat. Evacuation of Gaza and South Lebanon shows how genocidal extremists quickly exploit the return of territory. Return of Sinai brought 30 years of peace - possibly at the cost of liberty for the Egyptian people, but having overthrown the dictator it seems that the "peace" between Egypt and Israel is under threat.

    The Arab world needs to show it means peace by acknowledging the right of a Jewish state in that people's historical homeland and ending Judeophobic propaganda and incitement. In return you get justice for the Palestinians, the return of occupied lands, economic growth, development and security.

    Peace / salaam / shalom

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with Myism's comments.I have made similar comments in the past but never so well said.I wish his comments would be heeded but I have little hope that they will.

  3. Reported in the Guardian UK today

    "One demonstrator who was wounded that day told the Guardian the Lebanese militia Hezbollah had given him $50 to turn up at the border and $900 to have his gunshot wounds treated by physicians. He said he had been planning to return to Maroun al-Ras yesterday until the rally was cancelled.

  4. Last Anon, that story sound familiar during Egypt revolution! for me that story is BS!

  5. Goodness, but the hasbara is thick on the ground here!

    First, Myism, you insult people's intelligence by ascribing the UNGA resolutions against Israel's grave violations of international law and the Geneva Conventions to your fantasy that the 192 members of the UN are somehow under the sway of Saudi Arabia or Iran or the all-powerful "emerging nation's bloc".

    In fact, Israel is a rogue terrorist state that by law should not even be a member in the UN. Its admission to the UN in 1948 was conditional on Israel accepting UN Resolution 194, which provides for the Right of Return of the Palestinian refugees plus reparations.

    As usual, Israel gets away with violating international law and Geneva Conventions and even its own commitments. Why? Because the US uses its UN veto power to give Israel carte blanche to commit massacres, ethnic cleansing and other war crimes and crimes against humanity without being held accountable.

    Second, the Jewish emigrants from Arab countries certainly do not consider themselves "refugees", and neither did the Zionist state nor Zionist organizations that did everything possible (including false flag terrorism, especially in Iraq) to convince them to make the great "aliyah". Also, it is pure racism to suggest that the Palestinians are in any way responsible or liable for what happened in any other country. Finally, there is absolutely no reason why Jews who lost property in Arab countries can't go to court and receive compensation, and many have. But the Palestinians whose homes, lands, factories, bank accounts and farms were stolen at gunpoint don't have this opportunity, because Israel is a racist, apartheid state, where almost everything "Israeli" is stolen property and where "rights" are something that Jews have, not the rightful Arab inhabitants.

    Third, by your logic, much of "Israel" should be militarily occupied by Lebanon and Egypt, since Israeli-occupied territory has been used to bombard both those countries, killing tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children and destroying bridges, farms and even towns and cities.

    Fourth, Israel is a state that is based on ethnic cleansing, massacres and massive theft. Only in bizarro Zionist world is it sane for the criminal aggressor and invader and murderer to demand that his victim make him feel "safe".

    Finally, re: the Jews' "historical homeland", only a drooling religious nut or a con artist tries to portray the Old Testament as a land deed, conferring property rights on racial grounds over those of the legal owners.

    Indeed, Zionist arguments and justifications are eerily identical to those of the Nazis, with the Chosen Ones claiming others' property and denying others their legal and human rights because of some mystical ancestral racial superiority.

    Until you let go of your racist tunnel vision and self-serving moral hypocrisy, you will never understand why "justice" for decent people all over the world means that Palestinians' legal and human rights are respected equally with those of Jews, and that when this happens, Zionism will join Nazism where it belongs: on the garbage heap of history.

  6. To Myism and Dick Smith,
    Sorry sir(s), the exodus of the Jewish people from the Arab countries which you are referring to is too complex to cover here but they were both triggered by the 1948 and 1967 wars and massive successive Arab defeats. There was a combination of security of the Jewish people in those states after those wars and their desire to fulfill the Zionist dream in Palestine, the obvious solution for most of them was to leave those countries where they lived for generations and go to Palestine. Sure the Jewish people were not made welcome after those wars no more than they were made welcome in Europe for centuries. But in the Arab land after 1948 and 1967 they in fact were under pressure in those countries, if you were Jewish would you have stayed in Egypt after 1948 or 1967? You make it sound so simple, read a book man.

  7. Nazis try to exterminate Jews in WWII.
    Zionists decide to secure Jews by founding the state of Israel in 1948.
    Arab countries have been trying in vain since 1948 to recapture land claimed by Israel.
    Israel claims that GOD gave them the land.
    Israel has ensured its survival by acquiring nuclear weapons, superior arms, intelligence gathering, army, etc.
    Gained control of US Congressmen and Senators by receiving billions in aid and returning back some of that money to finance their political campaigns.
    Gained US veto protection in UN.
    Taken advantage of every means to keep the occupied lands.
    Finds every possible excuse to avoid peace.
    The Arab countries cannot take action because they are tribal, divided and do not trust each other or their own people.
    Arab countries are not sincere and use the Palestinian question for their own political purposes.
    The Palestinian leaders are corrupt and divided.

  8. Anonymous 11:58, I'd thank you to distinguish between "Arab tyrants imposed and supported by the West" and "Arab countries", ok?

    Just to illustrate, the Mubarak regime is not Egypt, and never was. It is the Americans who kept Mubarak in power all these decades, not the Egyptian people. It is the Israelis who mourn him as "a strategic treasure", not the Egyptian people.

    Egyptian people are the ones who faced death and mutilation and torture to get free of him, and they do not "use the Palestinian question for their own political purposes."

    Tens of thousands of Egyptians faced bullets and beatings just a couple of weeks ago, to demonstrate their solidarity with the Palestinian people on the anniversary of the Naksa.

    For most Egyptians, Palestine is a wound that will never heal until all Arab people are free and enjoy their full human and legal rights, including and especially the Palestinian people.

  9. Alice, I admire very much all those Egyptians who"faced bullets and beatings just a couple of weeks ago". I also admired the brave idealists who threw out the Shah more than thirty years ago. After all this time where are the Iranians "full human and legal rights"?

    It is easy to blame others for Egypt's problems but the cold hard and very sad fact is that even now after all the brave acts Egypt may soon look politically very much like Iran.


  10. Dick Smith said: "It is easy to blame others for Egypt's problems but the cold hard and very sad fact is that even now after all the brave acts Egypt may soon look politically very much like Iran."

    No, it will not. The cold, hard and very sad fact is that in Iran, the Khomeinists had a charismatic, fanatic leader who immediately after the fall of the Shah established a so-called "Revolutionary Guard", a private army that he used to militarily crush dissent, with at one point 300-500 executions, mostly of Leftists, every single day and a massive crackdown on the media and on the Khomeinists' political rivals.

    What does this have to do with Egypt? Do you have any idea about what's really happening here and now? Or do all those "Islamics" seem the same to you across time and space, doomed to the exact same destiny solely by virtue of the "Muslim" label?

    The cold, hard and very sad fact is that too many people like you can't see beyond your racism and ignorance and make sloppy predictions about radically distinct peoples in radically distinct temporal and geographic and political and historical circumstances, based on nothing but your lazy assumptions and prejudices. (And possibly a large dose of malicious wishful thinking).

    No wonder US foreign policy is such an incoherent mess, its clumsy and brutal interventions always producing results that take America and its "experts" by surprise, and no wonder America's name is mud in so much of the world, if this is the quality of "analysis" upon which your government relies.

  11. Alice why do you even bother replying to a "Dick". you shouldn't tire yourself explaining to someone who shows such stark ignorance that he can't even understand the implications of the cold war then and it was Americans through their CIA who paved the way for Khomeini.. they will never see the light and they can never understand anything beyond Muslims=others, Arabs=others, Africans=others, everything in their understand and analysis is based on "others"..just don't feed..

  12. Alice,

    You begin to sound like a Democrat in the U.S. Raising the race card and calling me ignorant. You also accuse me of (possibly) harboring a large dose of malicious wishful thinking). I do not claim to be an expert on Egypt. I lived there for a total of 7 years morethan 25 years ago and I loved Egypt and the Egyptians. I wish only the best for them but I am very much afraid they will lose their revolution and the MB will take over.Many qualified analysts around the world agree!

    I sincerely hope we are proven wrong.


  13. same qualified analysts who said a revolution will never happen in Egypt and its very unlikely that what happened in Tunisia will spread to other Arab countries?

    listen bag, if someone wins in free democratic elections fair and square then it's not "taking over".

  14. Anon 9:13 PM said: "if someone wins in free democratic elections fair and square then it's not "taking over"."

    According to many Americans, given the flagrant 'irregularities' in the 2000 US presidential elections I guess that means that Dubya "took over". And look how many innocent men, women and children died horrible deaths halfway across the world, as a result. Two countries blasted to smithereens, too.

    Mr. Dick, maybe you could spare some "love" for all the victims of your government's smart bombs, phosphorous weapons, "shock and awe" and torture hell-holes.

    I am personally "very much afraid" that your psycho Republican/Democrat warlords (I can't tell the difference) will keep bankrupting your country by killing and destroying and torturing people and imposing brutal tyrants on people who only want to be free, and getting away with it.

    You should know that I have close family who are Americans. I talk to them on the phone and believe me, they're a lot more afraid of the fanatics there, and pessimistic about their country's future than we are about ours.

    And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but perceivest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

  15. Alas Alice I too am pessimistic about my country's future but probably not for the same reasons.I do perceive the mote in mine eye. It is the Democrats. The irregularities in the 2000 Election were in major Democrat districts and to imply that Bush won unfairly is ridiculous.Had Gore won by the irregularities they tried to win with it would have been a takeover.

    If your American relatives are afraid of fanatics I can only say that there are precious few of them here compared to other societies. We have a relatively small Muslim population and to my knowledge most have thrived and lead happy lives.Certainly 9/11 raised concerns but would you believe that if it had occurred in Cairo by American extremists that Americans living there would not have been viewed with great suspicion and perhaps suffered even more. What keeps happening to the Copts?

    There are a few Muslims here who set a terrible example.For instance those Fathers who would murder their daughters who only want to be free.Only a handful of cases but they get national attention.We are a country of civil laws and Sharia has no place here but it is being pushed by radicals who do not respect our laws and way of life.
    We are a free country and have spent many American lives and resources in vain attempts to help bring democracy and freedom to the oppressed and downtrodden of the World.We are not colonialists nor are we empire builders. I have lived in Pakistan and traveled in Afghanistan and the backwardness of the population and treatment of women is appalling.Rural populations in Egypt were not much better. I had hoped that Iraq which had a large educated middle class population would become a democratic society after Saddam and some progress has been made but it appears that Iran, Al Qaeda and Islamic fundamentalists prefer something else.

    You are obviously very well educated and write extremely well (my daughter agrees)but I believe you have a very warped view of America as do many Americans and world citizens of the leftist persuasion.

    Unfortunately many of our younger citizens as well as those in Europe have opposed wars without much understanding of what was at stake. America obtained it's freedom through war and has twice fought major wars against tyrannical nations that would impose their will on others. When the enemy was routed we brought our troops home and left the countries we saved to develop on their own. A few other examples are Taiwan and South Korea.
    Democracy, freedom and personal liberty are precious and they are hard to achieve.They also require vigilance to preserve. I wish the whole world could live in peace and harmony but I am just an 82 year old pragmatic idealist.


  16. Mr. Dick, what you call my "warped view" is what you look like to others, away from the magic mirror in which you appear to yourselves as bringers of light and freedom to us savages.

    To us, Mr. Dick, the truth of what you are is to be found in the trail of blood and tears and destruction you leave wherever you go, and which, when you are forced to acknowledge, you are only capable of blaming on others.

    You dare to mention Afghanistan as an example of how you "have spent many American lives and resources in vain attempts to help bring democracy and freedom to the oppressed and downtrodden of the World"!

    Not surprisingly, your country's interest in the plight of women evaporated as soon as your Daisy Cutters began incinerating people there. In fact, under your boot, women in Afghanistan are much, much worse off than ever, just like everybody else:

    You brought to Afghanistan many things, Mr. Dick, but nothing that any sane or decent person would associate with "freedom and democracy".

    As for Iraq, it was not "Iran, Al Qaeda and Islamic fundamentalists" who lied to the whole world to justify your devastating and criminal invasion of that country.

    It was not "Iran, Al Qaeda and Islamic fundamentalists" whose brutal occupation oversaw the wholesale slaughter and terrorizing of its citizens, nor did they set up torture camps that horrified the whole world, in which even children were imprisoned and tortured. Are you people even capable of taking responsibility for what you do?

    Is this what you call bringing democracy to Iraq?

    What you've done to the Iraqi and Afghani people is worse than a thousand, than ten thousand 9/11's, but it's a symptom of your psychosis that you expect your (surviving) victims to be grateful and want to be just like you.

    Believe me, Mr. Dick, I have no hope that anything I write, no matter how well, can ever pierce your sanctimonious fog of ignorance and self-praise. I respond only out of a sense of responsibility to the millions of helpless human beings whose lives your lovely country has callously destroyed, is continuing to destroy, and planning to destroy, and whom you do not even have the decency to acknowledge.

  17. Alice, there is little point in ridiculing you because you are already a self-parody. When I think of you an image of Viz's radical lesbian feminist Millie Tant comes to mind. I'm sure you don't shave your pits.

    Because of the USA, Afghan girls can have educations. The Taliban didn't allow that. is a propaganda site as can be seen from the section condemning depleted uranium, a relatively innocuous substance.

    In deciding whether Iraq is better or worse off as a result of the liberation by the coalition, twats like you habitually forget to factor in the lives saved by deposing Saddam. He killed on average 125 civilians per day for each of his 8,000 days in power. That figure dropped to zero when we buggered him and his sons. So make sure that however many die daily in Iraq you subtract 125 from the ledger before flapping your idiot lips. Note that the result of the calculation will usually be a large negative number, indicating that the salubrious effects of the coalition invasion continue unabated.

    Alice. You seem to think that white phosphorous is a chemical weapon. It isn't. It's an incendiary and opaque smoke-producing agent used by various armed forces all over the world.

  18. Like I said, nothing can penetrate that fog.

    In your sick little fantasy world, girls in Afghanistan are better off because of you, Iraqis are unworthy of all the noble sacrifices you've made to help them, depleted uranium is an innocuous substance (sprinkle a little every morning on your breakfast cereal!) and white phosphorous is not a chemical weapon (try a soothing mask while catching up on world events with Glenn Beck).

    And just to prove my point, the article you cited to illustrate that phosphorous is NOT a chemical weapon says this:

    ""Phosphorus burns bodies, in fact it melts the flesh all the way down to the bone ... I saw the burned bodies of women and children. Phosphorus explodes and forms a cloud. Anyone within a radius of 150 metres is done for."

    Photographs on the website of RaiTG24, the broadcaster's 24-hours news channel,, show exactly what the former soldier means. Provided by the Studies Centre of Human Rights in Fallujah, dozens of high-quality, colour close-ups show bodies of Fallujah residents, some still in their beds, whose clothes remain largely intact but whose skin has been dissolved or caramelised or turned the consistency of leather by the shells.

    A biologist in Fallujah, Mohamad Tareq, interviewed for the film, says: "A rain of fire fell on the city, the people struck by this multi-coloured substance started to burn, we found people dead with strange wounds, the bodies burned but the clothes intact.""

    Only a professionally-brainwashed zombie could have missed that.

    BTW, to learn more about why Iraqis should be grateful, and to find out more about white phosphorus, check out these photos (warning-graphic):

    And this, you loathsome homicidal psycho, is why you are loved, loved, loved all over the world for all the good you do -- except, of course, by those who hate you for your freedoms and radical lesbian feminists who don't shave their armpits...

  19. depleted uranium, the innocuous substance

  20. Alice, I didn't link that article to prove white phosphorous isn't a chemical weapon. I linked it as a courtesy to you, because you are HTML illiterate, and couldn't enable the link yourself.

    Bombs blow people to bits. Swords decapitate. Incendiaries burn. That does not make them chemical weapons. White phosphorous is not a vesicant, nerve agent, blood agent or choking agent. Neither the Treaty of Versailles, nor the Geneva Protocol, nor the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention prohibit it. WHITE PHOSPHOROUS ISN'T A CHEMICAL WEAPON and YOU ARE A STUPID PERSON.

    Depleted uranium is not good for you if you eat it or breathe it, but with a half-life of 4.7 billion years it is almost non-radioactive. Its toxicity is similar to lead, thallium and other heavy metals. Even if you eat it you are more likely to die from ordinary heavy metal toxicity than from alpha radiation. Anyway we are talking here about munitions, not muesli. Only brain-dead leftbots like you expect to be taken seriously when judging tank-penetrating sabots and breakfast cereals by the same standard. Go shave your pits, Millie, I mean Alice. is a well-known kook site. The Rense page Anonymous cites has a picture of a harlequin ichthyosis baby. That disease has nothing to with uranium, and the page is tantamount to a blood libel against Americans.

  21. Depleted uranium is so harmless that it is used in civilian applications wherever high density is required, as in airplane aileron weights and ballast for yacht keels. You could build a house out of depleted uranium bricks, live your whole life in it, and suffer no ill effects.

  22. Well, there you go, Jason. Thank you for explaining what you Americans mean by "liberation" and "spreading democracy". It's very enlightening.

  23. Well put, Alice. But don't even bother with that kooky old hag orientalist and the other zionist mouthpieces on here. They just want a platform to air their ridiculous delusions and ignorance. :)

  24. The lies by these zionist bigots above are almost as pathetic as they are amusing. Even US intelligence acknowledges white phosphorus as a chemical weapon -

  25. typo in the link above. It should be *independent

  26. Anonymous, you are a stupid person. The original document to which the Independent article referred is found here. Indeed, the author refers to "POSSIBLE USE OF PHOSPHOROUS CHEMICAL WEAPONS BY IRAQ". But the report does not reflect the position of the US, of US intelligence, or any US or international body. It says "THIS IS AN INFORMATION REPORT, NOT FINALLY EVALUATED INTELLIGENCE." It's the half-assed work of some low-level analyst thinking out loud his first day on the job, probably. The document does not support The Independent's claim that "US intelligence classified white phosphorus as 'chemical weapon' ".

    White phosphorus is not a chemical weapon. Depleted uranium is not a nuclear weapon. You are a retard.

  27. I should add that even if US intelligence classified white phosphorus as a chemical weapon (which they don't) they would be mistaken. The various international agreements governing chemical weapons do not classify it as such.

  28. You sure are obsessed with every post you stalk on this blog? :D You also selectively quote (and conjure up delusions along the way). "PRESIDENT SADDAM ((HUSSEIN)) MAY HAVE POSSIBLY USED WHITE
    ARTILLERY ROUNDS AND HELICOPTER GUNSHIPS", and numerous other statements from the Info Report do not open the "possibility" that WP is not a chemical weapon. But of course you knew that, hence your lame retreat in the 2nd comment. Now go ahead and make another vein attempt at being clever (while also remaining ignorant) ;)

  29. The document is not important and is not a position paper. It doesn't matter what that particular document says about whether WP is a chemical weapon, because... wait for it... WP isn't a chemical weapon! Sorry to repeat myself but you are a bit slow:

    White phosphorous is not a vesicant, nerve agent, blood agent or choking agent. Neither the Treaty of Versailles, nor the Geneva Protocol, nor the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention prohibit it. WHITE PHOSPHOROUS ISN'T A CHEMICAL WEAPON and YOU ARE A STUPID PERSON.

  30. OK, stupidhead. Let me spell it out for you. The Chemical Weapons Convention restricts three categories, or "schedules", of chemicals. Schedule 1 is the chemical weapons proper. Schedules 2 and 3 have uses aside from chemical warfare. White phosphorus is not schedule 1, 2 or 3. Understand? White phosphorus is not a chemical weapon.

  31. If Mubarak is a Secret Mossad Agent then Nasser must've been a Secret Mossad Agent, too. And, now that Bashir Assad is a Secret Mossad Agent, then Hizbollah must be a Secret Mossad Organization....that about right?


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