Sunday, June 5, 2011

Syrian Revolution : The Syrian regime celebrates its Naksa by killing Syrian people !!

Today was the Naksa anniversary and the Syrian El Baath is doing what it is best at : Killing Syrian citizens.
I do not know when the Syrian regime killing machine will stop or take rest but I know that the Bashar El Assad , his clan and the El Baath have already crossed the point with no return.
The Syrians did not forget today’s anniversary of the Golan loss , they did not forget that the tanks of El Assad royal presidential family, the tanks of what is called the Syrian Arab army have not been aimed since 1973 towards the IDF.The Syrians did not forget that El Baath army “the officers have to be members in the party” killed Syrians for more than 40 years more than Israeli soldiers !!!!!!!!!!!!!
They did not forget and they had enough from the claims of the Syrian regime and its orphans that the Syrian revolution is a conspiracy to attack the resistance project !! I do not know what resistance project they are speaking about !!
Freedom word : Where is Golan ?
I can't understand what the people want
by Yara Kassem
Groups of Syrian opposition have began to have meetings abroad to search for future of the country , I do not know much but despite these politicians were forced to leave their beloved country yet I think this is not the correct time not to mention the people of the Syrian have the first and last right to discuss their future.
Just like Egypt Syria is suffering from long real political life absence , from real partisan life and what we see now in Egypt after Mubarak , you will take place as well in Syria. Of course one must confess that this is one of the Nasserite era’s curses , Syria joined a real political life till the UAR.
Historical side note : FYI Hafez El Assad and the rest of the gang have destroyed the Syrian army and got rid from all the good qualified officers before the 1967 war especially from pilots. Most of these officers were from other political parties or those who did not join the El Baath. A considerable number of these officers were Sunni as well.
Now to the video round which must be spread because the Syrians need our help more than anytime. It is from the weekend and today. The world is now speaking about the terrible video leaked from Daraa showing army soldiers at the roof top of some mosque there besides civilian dead bodies. The video is compilation for three clips. It is extremely graphic and provoking.
Daraa : El-Kark Massacre
According to the video description the soldiers replaced the food cans besides the men and put knives so they would appear as terrorists !! Terrorists attacking army with knives !!
There was a terrible massacre in Hama on the children of freedom Friday. This terrible massacre brought to our memory the terrible massacre of Hama in 1982. Already the city of Hama had a huge rallies in solidarity with the Syrian children this week.
Hama : big rallies
Hama : Protesters say Peaceful in front of the army troops
Hama : Big rallies
Hama : A massacre in the street “Extremely Graphic”
Hama : The massacre of June 3rd “Graphic”
Moving to Deir ez Zower , things were not good , the video below is extremely graphic , you can hear a child screaming and a young teenager shot down !!
Deir ez Zower : A martyr shot down on June 3rd
Hama witnessed a full strike next day June 4th.
Hama : A full market on Strike on June 4th ,2011
There were helicopters flying all over Jisr ash-Shugur in Idilb on June 4th as if they were preparing for today’s attack.
Jisr ash Shugur : Helicopters
Today there were huge protests at Jisr ash-Shugur in Idilb and as usual there was a huge violent crackdown and many casualties. Not less than 35 were killed today and hundreds were injured just in Jisr ash Shugur.
Jisr ash Shugur : The injured and martyrs
Jisr ash Shugur : Sunday’s martyrs
What was new in our case here that the injured were transferred to the Turkish territories through the borders.
Jisr ash-shugur : Injured transferred to Turkey
It seems that Syrians will head to the Syrian borders just like what they did in the Lebanese borders and Jordanian borders.  The Syrian protesters kept chanting “Ardogan” and “Turkey” to thank the Turkish borders portals.
Jisr ash Shugur : heading to the borders to ask for help
Jisr ash Shugur : A pro Turkey protest
A side note I know you can find inappropriate but Jisr ash Shugur seems to to be amazing beautiful city.
Everyday now we have a city under attack in Syria , not less than 20 Civilian are killed and hundreds are injured on a daily basis.
I do not know the situation of internet services in the country , the last thing I know was that the internet is cut most parts of the country. I am not sure of this though because the Syrians are still uploading shocking videos “Thank God they are doing this”
El Assad has already killed allegedly 1000 in two months. I believe we should help Syrians as much as we can peacefully , we do not want NATO strikes or any similar interfere. We want protests at every Syrian embassy ,we want to shower every embassy consulates with prank calls and empty faxes.


  1. The regime has less & less widespread support.
    Whats happening is only reducing that support.
    There is no going back for Assad but carrying on with this military campaign against the population doesn't look like it will yield the
    result they are after. They are behaving like an
    occupying force handing out collective punishment.Twilight of the dictators.

  2. God bless you Zeinobia for bringing this out.

    My syrian friends are now open to speak and criticize the Syrian regime and its butchers, unlike a few months ago.

    This is the change,and it has already taken place. Sooner or later Bashar and his clan have to be gone. no one stays in power forever, from pharaohs to chauchesku to pinochet, to Mubarak and bin Ali.
    Tyrants just don't get it!

    As a wise man once said, you can step over the roses, but you can never hold back spring.

  3. Hello!
    My name is Stanislav Natanzon and I'm a journalist of TV-channet 'EXPERT-TV' from Moscow (Russia). I read your blog with a great interest. We are prepareing a TV-story about countries of your region after revolution, and I would like to take an interview with you. Is you don't mind, write me, please:
    Looking forwart to hearing from you.


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