Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What was this man doing in NY in the first place !?

The arresting of the Egyptian former banker Mohamed Abdel Salam Omar in New York Yesterday made headlines especially he is the second banker to be arrested in the city on the charge of sexual harassing a maid working in hotel.
The Bank of Alexandria’s former CEO and the current CEO of El Max Salines was bailed out from jail for $50,000 bond or $25,000. He is accused of groping and assaulting 44 years old female housekeeper. He will appear in court June 3,2011 to see if a grand jury votes for indictment and a new lawyer or not.
Now Omar was used to be the CEO of Egyptian American bank then Bank of Alexandria before its privatization for 10 years. Tabliods in Egypt are speaking about an alleged financial scandal in the stock market and how he was arrogant …etc. There is no official statement by the way issued by El Max Salines so far in the media whether locally or internationally.
Based on the facts that during the Mubarak’s era the CEOs of public banks were from the close circle of Gamal Mubarak and NDP’s economic and policies committees  especially in the last two decades , I am so interested in knowing why he was in the States , in New York specifically now !?
Update : According to Dear Faten he was there to receive some sort of an award in salines industry. 
Arresting Mohamed Abd El Salam Omar in NY.


  1. for arranging an orgy with Dominique?

  2. I don't know what orgy the previous poster is talking about. However, I heard this news on NPR and they were talking about the hazards low payed workers faced in the US and otherwise. Now, bec. of the last 2 incidents of harrassment, they will have a panic button in hotels to help the workers. About time they did that.
    As for Mohamed Abdel Salam Omar, your question is a good one: What is he doing in the US? Here are a few more: Is he still in power? Under what guise? Who sent him? How did he leave Egypt? and many many more questions that need answers.

  3. You have some interesting thoughts! Perhaps we should contemplate about attempting this myself.


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