Monday, July 4, 2011

Beware the Anger of Suez “Updated”

Suez city is currently on fire after the court rule to release the officers accused of killing the protesters in the city on bail and to adjourn their case to next September 18th. The families of the martyrs went mad literally , they set a police station on fire “It was denied later”. They have cut the Suez Cairo highways. According to eyewitnesses and tweeps in the city the army tanks have entered the city to protect police stations and other vital buildings.
Here is the video showing the people cut the highway from couple of hours ago , not less than 5000 cars and trucks were stuck. You can see army officers speaking to the people in order to let them open the highway.
The people of Suez cut the highway
Just to make it straight , the relation between the army or the 3rd army and the people of Suez is good , in fact it is great compared to the police.
Update : The public prosecutor has appealed against the court order officially. Of course it is too late as people are extremely angry. The army has already transferred the accused officers according to the coalition of Suez youth to the HQ of the 3rd army for fear they would be killed y the people.Sheikh Hafiz Salama , the resistance symbol and famous Salafi sheikh has called the people there to clean the police stations next Friday. I think now the Salafis of Suez have just joined next Friday. 
I know that the judge acts according to the papers in front of him and justice is blind but this is not justice , this is another thing. What many fear from in Egypt is that the families do not get justice through court , they will seek in other way.
You must know there is already huge anger in the city , you must know that there has been strike movement in the Suez canal company’s subsidiaries for days now. You must know that it is only 4 days before July 8th and people can’t be provoked anymore.
Suez was the Sidi Bou Zid of Egypt , the first martyr in the revolution was killed there on January 26th , our protests of January 25th would not have turned in to a revolution if it were not for the great Suez.
Update : 
  • The people of Suez are currently having an open sit in at the Arbin square. 
  • Not less than 5,000 are currently there chanting against SCAF , Tantawy and the ministry of interior 
  • The police has no existence in the city 
  • Here is a video from Suez from short while ago. 
  • Here are couple of photos from Suez currently 
From Suez Mubshar Facebook page 
From Shady Ahmed 
From Shady Ahmed 


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