Monday, July 4, 2011

Meanwhile in Cairo !!

At the same time Suez is on fire , Cairo is currently watching what is taking place anxiously especially at El Manial area. I hate to say but once again another police station in Egypt is besieged by angry citizens with the news of murder and torture !! We thought that these days are over but we were so wrong.
Those angry citizens have cut the Saleh Salem highway as far as I knew from Egypt’s no.1 source of news nowadays “Twitter”. One hell of a night indeed.
There are several stories on why hundreds of citizens gathered at the Manial police station in a protest and the police force tried to disperse that protest violently. The only story I found reliable is the one “@darbelbahlawan” said after interviewing people there. The police allegedly kidnapped/arrested a group of people from Al Zawya “ I do not know if he means the famous popular Al Zawya Al Hamra or not” and so their relatives from teenagers decided to head to the police station to protest the arrest of their relatives. They had a verbal fight with the police officers and soldiers then allegedly one officer “Ahmed Al Torki” opened his fire to kill one teenage and injure another who died from his wound at a nearby hospital. The teenagers who were killed are : Mohamed Gamal and Shamekh Mohamed Ali, May Allah bless their souls. One of them was 14 years old while the other 16 years old.
Here is the a photo showing the ambulance transferring one of the victims from Ahmed Abdel Fatah.
Transferring one of the victims 
While El Badeel showed the body of late Mohamed Gamal covered in the street.
Late Mohamed Gamal by Badeel
I will not be judgmental at this point because there is something more than strange in the air.
From there things went ballistic, more people came and hurled stones at the police station while the police force fired back with tear gas grenades. The military police came for short time to secure the area in Manial before disappearing. According to Al Masry Al Youm reporter and blogger Ahmed Abdel Fatah the police and military police have withdrawn from the area completely. I think both police and army officials know that this is uneasy time considering what is taking place in Suez.
Ok I know it is a long battle but that chaos scenario Mubarak and Soliman threatened us with will not work insh Allah.


  1. I wish people of Egypt could channel their anger through Tahrir on Friday. Someone should give them advice on megaphone or something to go on the Tahrir and protest peacefully on Friday.

    Million man march would be excellent for the spirit of the people, they would feel again being heard and not ignored. With all these problems lately, I hope the 8th of July is the biggest gathering for months.

    This is the exact reason I've been touting that for instance in Cairo the Tahrir should be left as a place for protesting (for now). It would be monitored with cameras and guarded with security where people can peacefully protest without fear of thugs or attacking police. In case of attack the cameras would work as a proof for who did what. If more people gather up, they close the lanes, if less only the inner circle is closed.

    Of course, similar places could be dedicated on different parts of other cities too if needed. People wouldn't have to extort on stopping traffic and what not to get the attention.

    This could have defused so many tensions as people would know where they can go if their intentions are peaceful protesting.

  2. Parents should monitor their children, then that would not mourn their death!

  3. And write for that arresting these people? You have all the victims of the revolution and the victims of the regime, and many of them not as victims ,possibly are criminals (robbers, rapists, drug traffickers). When people are brains to work normally? Only when they rob, rape? enough to be holy fools, see the truth!

  4. I agree with both posters comments.

    Apparently these kids were dealing drugs and were arrested.

    Are we not to arrest and try drug sellers and dealers now?


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