Monday, July 18, 2011

The followers of Set and Zahi Hawass “Updated"

Zahi Hawass mock from those who criticize him for anything and call them “ The followers of Set, the God of evil in Egyptian mythology” in order to ridicule from their criticism and attribute it to his own success.
Now it seems that the followers of Set gave him one hell of farewell party from the Supreme council of antiquities in Zamalak like no other and it was recorded as well.
Zahi Hawass’ farewell
This is just so bad and sad but what can you say !?  The young people in the video are the young archeologists Hawass used to mock and ridicule and they were screaming “Thief , thief”
There are dangerous accusations facing Dr. Hawass without doubt that can affect his integrity world wide not only Egypt. This vide below from May 27th I forgot to upload , a group of archeologists attacked Zahi Hawass in the protest.
From 27 May
Now you saw Zahi Hawass , I would like to introduce you to the new minister of antiquities Abdel Fatah Al Banna who is not only considered a young minister compared to others in the cabinet but also a political activist who refused the ministry when Sharaf offered it on him before asking Zahi Hawass to return back again.
He declined the position because he felt that he could not be good for the position. “This ministry needs an expert in antiquities not an expert in antiquities restoration” Al Ban’a told his friend journalist Mohamed Hamdy in Youm 7. “This is why I recommended Alaa Shahin” He added.
Al Banna was the first on his class in 1980s and traveled to Poland to get a PHD in restoring stone antiquities. He was a political activist since and that made him face trouble with embassy during that time. In 1988 he proved through photos that the fall of stones from Sphinx’ shoulder then was by the hands of somebody and turned out that it was true and some young man was hired by unknown parties to do this dirty job. “We are now in 2011 and we do not know who is behind it”
He was among the protesters of Tahrir Square and seems to be a Pro ElBaradei team as he gathered signatures for the NAC statement if you remember it. 
Here are the archeologists carrying Abdel Fatah Al Banna over their shoulders.

Dr. Abdel Fatah Al Banna carried over shoulders at SCA in Zamalak
Al Banna may not have a twitter account like our new twitter star minister Hazem Abdel Azim but he has got a Facebook account.
I hope that Dr. Al Banna succeeds in what Zahi Hawass failed to do, it is not an easy mission at all. Already a group of archeologists working at the ministry have objected his appointment and even resigned from their official positions in less than 24 hours without giving the man a chance like the board of Islamic art museum.
Update : 
There is huge anger in the ministry indeed without a doubt , the employees are threatening to resign and to have a strike if this man becomes a minister officially. You got old Hawass' team at the ministry , you got the "Revolutionary archeologists" who do not want him because he supports ElBaradei !!?
You got also valid points from archeologists like Nora Shalaby ,you should read Nora Shalaby's post about the matter , it is very informative.
The new minister has got a YouTube Video channel by the way.
PM Sharaf has retired in appointing El Banna, El Banna is no longer the minister of antiquities. 
I just hope that SET and his followers stay away not only from this ministry but from all ministries and ministers.


  1. I don't see Hawas' farewell part you mentioned as a useful development. The situation in Egypt is very volatile and it seems that is heading for a deadlock. Sharaf will really have big tdoing policies that are accepted by everyone, and all political faction in addition to ordinary people are trying to show their strength in the streets. A proof of this is what happened with his successor in less than a day!

    The nation has become very polarized in a time we need unity. I am not optimistic.

  2. Set is the Lord of Chaos, and the ruler of the deserts, but he is NOT THE F*CKING "GOD OF EVIL". There was no such thing in the ancient egyptian religion..all things in existance were veiwed as having both positive and negative qualities...Know your theology

  3. this is ridiculous! the old Hawas followers, if they are not happy they can always leave and the door is open for them! there are many young archeologists out there who need a chance and job and am sure they too will learn and do a good job! as for the "Revolutionary archeologists", i hope they changed their mentality, how could they refuse to accept a person because they have different or following a certain politician or politic views! everyone has the right to their own political views. they should accept the person based on his professionalism and career not from political views! these are two different things! they all should thing for the best of the Ministry not being selfish!

  4. Zahi Hawass's witty derision of opponents as "followers of Set" is hilarious. I must remember it in case I get in any arguments.

  5. Historical Confusion
    Modern Egyptians had absolutely nothing to do with "Ancient Egyptian"(African Egypto-Nubian culture). The modern populations of Egypt are mostly the descendants of various Arab settler populations and the descendants of the various Greek, Persian Romans ,Turks, Islamic and other fact they represent the very people the "ancient Egyptians"(kmtyw, people on the black land) considered enemies and foreigners.
    The civilization of "Ancient Egypt" was a series of ancient African civilizations that had its origin in the heart of Africa-it was an African culture not a "Middle Eastern" or so-called Semitic culture.
    Mr. Hawass is not in any sense a descendant of the ancient African peoples of the Nile. Hawass along with millions of other modern Egyptians would have been considered {sha'w ) or "sand dwellers" by the ancient African Egypto_Nubian peoples we now call "Ancient Egypt" .


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