Monday, July 18, 2011

Tunisian Revolution : Bloody Phase 2 “Graphic”

Today I woke up in a very disturbing news from Tunisia : a 14 years old boy was killed by the Tunisian security forces in Sidi Bou Zaid yesterday. The new martyr is called Thabet El-Hagallawy who was a student in the 8th grade.
You can see the video after the break from morgue. Warning : Graphic
Late Thabet El Hagallawy
El-Hagallawy was shot in his chest.
Here is a graphic photo for the injuries in El-Hagallawy's body.
I thought I would not see this in Tunisia anymore
Here is his poor mother.
Thabet’s mom at the hospital
His father is in shock and is currently in the hospital as far as I know. Sidi Bou Zid is having a complete civil disobedience. There are several protesters through Tunisia demanding the current cabinet to step down. There could be an escalation. It is not about Ben Ali’s trials only I am afraid. Today there are ugly clashes between the security forces and the protesters at Sidi Bou Zid.
The confrontation between the security forces and citizens in Tunisia is turning in to an ugly thing without doubt , again the Ben Ali regime has not fallen yet and the military found a gold opportunity to rule for real. I am not following the Tunisian issue as before but I feel that Tunisia is moving towards a true Turkish scenario faster than Egypt.
It is no longer some rivalry thing between us and Tunisia in the quest of Democracy because we speaking real revolution and forces that will fight till the end
You must know that if Egypt wins in the end , Tunisia will win along other countries seeking liberation in the region , if Tunisia wins then we will win. This is why we should not stop in our quest.


  1. It is not clear ... you are competing with Tunisia? What? Where more victims? Or where the revolutionaries are longer torturing people? This proves once again that people are just toys in your game ....

  2. A feeling that you get pleasure by posting and viewing such fotos.I again parents should monitor their children, then that would not mourn them.If you do not, the revolutionaries would not have been so much blood.Бlood on your hands as well.Mothers do not want your tales of the revolution, she wants her child .And you revel in their glory, but remember that you have no right to decide for all people.People want a normal life. not from Friday to Friday.

  3. Thank you Z for bringing this to our attention.

    Seven months after the original incident, but there is progress, the psychological restraints have been removed from the citizens minds.

  4. Its been a long time since am here. Hope you are doing great and in the blessing of Allah swt Z.

    this is really sad news. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon. May Allah swt bless his soul in Jannah insyallah. May Allah swt help Tunisian, Egyptian, Yemeni, Libyan and Syrian people in their struggling to get freedom and a better country insyallah.

  5. many people in many countries are pinning their hopes on both Tunisia & Egypt managing a successful transition from Police/Security/Military state to Civilian/Representative/ Elected government.
    Its going to be important for Libyans,Syrians,Bahrainis,Yemeni,Iraqis & Iranians that these 2 set precedents for others
    to follow.

  6. Lulu, don't forget the Bahrainis... people tend to


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