Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#July29 : The final Demands

First of all there are the final demands of #July 29 million man Protest or as 27 parties , movements and coalitions from right , left and middle call it : The popular will and unity
  1. The military trials for civilians to be ceased and re-trial of those The demands of July 29 Fridayprosecuted in front of military courts.
  2. Speeding the killing of the protesters trials and to honor martyrs in the best way.
  3. Assigning whole courts to ensure quick and just trials for ex-regime corrupted icons.
  4. Maximum and minimum limit of wages.
  5. Activating quickly the treachery act in order to exclude all those who spoiled the political life from participating in shaping our future.
As I said not less 27 parties ,movements , groups and coalitions from Islamists , leftists , liberal and nationalists have reached out to these demands . All the demands that used to create division like “Constitution first , elections first , Supra constitutional principles .. etc
I believe that this is the first step to stop this division , we are more powerful than SCAF when we are united and one. I believe that through real million man protests that include everybody we can achieve what we want.
Now how did this wonderful demand list come to light after we began to lose hope and felt that next Friday there will be something like civil war !? Well thanks to Ahdaf Soueif , Dr. Rabab El Mahdy and publisher Ibrahim El Mollam along other activists like Ibrahim Houdabi and Ahmed Samir we may have still been worried from Friday.
Since last Saturday Ahdaf Soueif ,Rabab El Mahdy and El Mollam had negotiations with all political powers at Shorouk newspaper HQ till the reached out to this demands everybody agrees out or almost everybody agrees upon because there are still powers that do not agree like unfortunately the National Association for change who objects the name of the protest !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel sad , really sad for them. Not only the NAC but there are also Mamdouh Hamza and some Safalist groups as well.
I will not speak about them because I believe we have achieve some sort of important achievement and I will not let anyone spoiled insh Allah.
You must know that there will be a committee made of representatives of these political powers that agreed on these demands that will organize the protest. There will no podium show off insh Allah , all podiums will represent all powers regardless of their owner. The Emam of Friday prayer insh Allah will be our favorite revolutionary Mazhar Shahin. The security will be organized through this committee as well.
The demands and the protest have nothing to do with the current sit in at Tahrir square.
Now back to the demands because there are certain points I must speak about.
It is a great thing to mention the No military trials to civilians demand as the first demand with the support of all these political powers. It is worth to mention that Islamist powers like Muslim brotherhood and Islamic Group know exactly the meaning of the military trials more than anyone especially Khairat El Shatar. We do not demand freedom , we demand that each citizen in front of his natural judge.
Now as I hinted in yesterday’s good news the minister of finance Belbawi promised to set a maximum limit of wages in a month , we will wait and see yet it is good to have in the demands again to show that we have forgotten.
Also Just from few hours ago the cabinet has officially declared that it has activated the treachery act , insh Allah I will discuss in some future post , I will to do it. This is demand no.5.


  1. "The military trials for civilians to be ceased and re-trial of those prosecuted in front of military courts."

    You mean civilian courts.

  2. No she means that those who have been tried in front of military courts should have a retrial in front of a civilian court.
    Remember, she's writing in a 2nd (or 3rd) language, so syntax is not always perfect. She manages well though.

  3. مطالب جيده دعنا نحقق الاهداف المشتركه اولا و بعد ذلك نتحدث عن ما نختلف عليه ،الاختلاف طبيعي و صحي دعيني اصارحك بشئ انا اخاف احيانا من كلمه الاجماع لانه في بعض الاحيان يستغل شعار الاجماع في قمع بعض الاراء و نسمع اصوات تصرخ لا تخرج عن الاجماع هذه خيانه ان تشق الصف ، لكن اتفق معك نحن في مرحله الان تستوجب التوحد حول المطالب المشتركه نضع ما نختلف عليه حانبا لوقت لاحق و كل الشكرلمن ساهموا في عمل تلك الوثيقه في وقت اصبنا جميعا فيه بالقلق


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