Thursday, July 28, 2011

Breaking : Mubarak’s trial to be in Cairo "Updated"

It has been confirmed now that Mubarak’s trial will be in Cairo next August 3rd at Cairo Intentional Convention and Exhibition Center “CICC” at Nasr City.
Mubarak , his sons Alaa and Gamal , Habib El Adly and six of his men’s trial will be at the CICC !!!!!!!!
More details to come
Ok the minister of justice announced yesterday that the trial will be in Cairo at the CICC where we used to hold famous book fair and Cairo international fair so it would accommodate the families of the martyrs and the media.
It is confirmed today from the ministry of justice but on the other hand sources in ministry of interior say that they did not get any notifications regarding up till regarding the trial especially that the trial will be held on August 23rd.
Of course the security measures in trial like this , the army will be involved more than the police.
I do not recall that something like that happened that before in the world , most dictators and war criminals are sued at the Hague not to mention that Saddam's trial took place during the occupation.
The Egyptian TV will transfer the historical event in Ramadan on air exclusively , there are no details about media pass up till now. Large screens will be set up at Major Square across Egypt.
The minister of health Amr Helmi has stated that the health of Mubarak is fine and that he can be transferred to Cairo.
Of course Mubarak's supporters believe other wise.
At the provoking "We are sorry Mr. President" we find a daring claim that "Mubarak will not be transferred because of his deteriorating health !!" You do not need to ask how they knew anyhow sooner enough after this Facebook page's Wall Status update , we find another update or rather an invitation to his excellence's children. The Mubarak supporters are invited to head to the CICC in order to support Mubarak who will be acquitted according to their wishes and views. 
Mubarak's orphans will stay at the CICC from August 2nd ,2011 as if it were a Star Wars movie !!
I do not know what the army or SCAF thinks about this invitation.
Despite Freedom of expression forces me not to do that .. but I will ask you to report this page Facebook , already it is racist and full of hate and disrespect.
Mubarak is accused of killing the protesters , he is accused of giving the orders to El Adly to use live ammunition against civilian protesters.
Now honestly I could not imagine this move. I thought that he will be dead before the trial and actually there are 6 days ; many things can happen till then. What I fear in those 6 days is more trouble of Mubarak's orphans. With a little math , if Mubarak has got 100,000 supporters , they are already capable of turning our life to hell. We are speaking also about Arab and foreign countries that do not like what is taking place in Cairo.
Believe or not I will not consider SCAF among Mubarak's supporters because they already sold him on February 10th and chose the winning side in order to survive both popular revolution and any possible coup from inside the army.
I will not be surprised if SCAF gives up on Mubarak now as they need a huge push up for their popularity after their fiascoes. Mubarak is a big trouble from legal aspect because he headed the supreme council of Police.
If Mubarak takes the stand "Insh Allah he will" , it was be another history making we will achieve. I will not lose hope because no one would have expected that a Facebook event invitation would lead in to a revolution like that.
Despite Mubarak can face death penalty if he is found guilty , yet he can be pardoned for his age "Over 70" according to our penalties code.


  1. As I wrote as a twets I am sure that if CICC could be surrounded by thousands of people all gagged, in total silence It will be a hudge fantastic enormous success all over the world( as far as all media will be there!!) I realise it's a dream...but why not ?

  2. What does alaa have to do with this I don't understand I think they took himasa scape goat

  3. this is great news and the authority concerned should make well ahead preparation for this trial especially how the sittings in the court room going to be and where the martyrs families will be sitting, the medias and most importantly to have a very good organize security at this trial to make it a success one. I pray that all Egyptians will give their full support and cooperation to make this trial a success one!


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