Thursday, July 28, 2011

Abdel Fatah Younis killed in Benghazi "Updated"

From few minutes ago it was announced that Libyan commander Abdel Fatah Younis has been assassinated. It seems that there are doubts about his loyalty after being the right hand of Qaddafi for 40 years.
He was killed in an ambush when he was in his way to summon before a judicial committee that would ask him certain military in Benghazi. The NTC did not release more details.
Some are saying that the NTC was going to interrogate him about suspicious families ties to Qaddafi according to Al Jazeera international .
According to NTC those who killed late Abdel Fatah Younis are Gaddafi's loyalists. Benghazi is infiltrated as it seems by small Qaddafi spies.
The NTC's statement is a little vague despite it called Younis a hero of the revolution. It seems to me that there is some sort of big game Qaddafi is playing after all
There are still no more details.
It is interesting enough that from 4 days ago there were rumors that Younis was killed at Berga in mysterious circumstances.
Now I am being criticized of being harsh to late Younis May Allah bless his soul , well I wrote a very emotional post as soon as I read the news on twitter that I believed it was too unprofessional especially after I read more details about the incident and the rumors surrounding him and because I followed the Libyan revolution since day one , I just could not ignore anything detail.
May Allah bless Younis and the martyrs of the Libyan revolution.
Update : 
Qaddafi spoke from short time ago on TV in a night speech. It is more than interesting timing.
There are a lot of rumors and speculations in Benghazi.
Some fear that the murder of Younis will affect the spirit of the freedom fighters, well my Arab brothers will be pushed more and more after this operation, after this attack.

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  1. I can't believe how Lybian people are not united against brutal killer like Ghadaffi.


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