Friday, July 29, 2011

Do Not Lose hope : Revolution is not Tahrir square

Do not lose hope please.

The revolution is not Tahrir square , the revolution is not about controlling the square. Whoever thinks that the revolution is Tahrir square does not clearly understand for one second the meaning of revolution.

God blesses and stands with those who respect their word of honor , God curses those hypocrites who do not respect their word.

Do Not Lose faith in God.

God bless Egypt and protect it from its enemies whether outside or inside.

Mubarak’s trial will be next August 3rd ,2011 in Cairo insh Allah.


  1. "God bless Egypt and protect it from its enemies whether outside or inside."

  2. but Tahrir sq became a symbol it won`t affect the aims but affect the public opinion who are easily manipulated by media and malicious sheikhs ..god mercies us helps us in this dilemma
    note :i`m impressed by ur optimism


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