Friday, July 1, 2011

The ministry of interior Friday : United for one thing

Today was the ministry of interior Friday , yes I will call this Friday with that name with my all due respect to the martyrs but seriously Friday we had a common goal : To deliver one message that we had a revolution  Mubarak’s ministry of interior !!
Before speaking about today’s Friday protest I have to speak about yesterday. I visited Tahrir square afternoon in a quick visit where I saw the families of martyrs speaking to political activist/blogger/TV hostess Nawara Negm about their sons as well as the wounded.
The families of martyrs and the wounded are extremely angry from the claims of the sick media and the ministry of interior that they are thugs. They kept showing us the certificates of martyrs to prove that they were university graduates. Mr. Siyad Abdel Latif lost his son Mohamed in Imbaba.
Mr. Siyad told us that he was a rich man , he had a bakery , a ranch and a land in 6th of October and that he did not need any money or compensation. He is even ready to pay money and give up his fortune to see those who killed his son receive proper penalty. Already I met with his other son at Maspero’s sit earlier that week and he told me the same thing.
We also saw one of the wounded from Imbaba who was being stalked by the police to drop the charges against the officer that shot him. The officer is offering LE 160,000 to drop the charges.
After couple of hours of that visit SCAF published its 66 message. The council issued a decree to found the wounded and martyrs’ families care fund which the PM announced before. The 66 message is only related to the 6th demand : Compensation and rehabilitation. Indeed one of the wounded at Maspero told me that they needed help but it was actually the last thing they wanted. The decision is important but we must ask ourselves , why we had to wait for 5 months so this decree to be issued !! These decisions do not need all these months !! What if the people did not complain !?
The next message by the way is message 67th , a significant number for Egyptians. I wonder what it will hold for us from news !! I hope great news insh Allah that would change our perception for this number.
That decree was considered one of those calming decrees and decisions before big Friday protests , it became a norm. Needless to say it did not affect the the protest or stop it because again it was not about financial aid more about justice. This Friday’s protest was held in Cairo , Alexandria and Tanta as I have read.
The protest was not as big as May 26th but it was intense and full of criticism to the SCAF and hate to the ministry of interior especially after what happened on June 27th & 28th. There were anti-SCAF chants attacking the field marshal Tantawy and making it clear that Egyptians will not accept anymore military rule. There were of course anti-ministry of interior chants from here to eternity.I think the numbers of protesters can be attributed to the fact that this Friday was announced in a short notice unlike May 26th.
Most parties did not join this protest unlike May 26th because simply this Friday was not about the old debate of Constitution first or elections first but rather about martyrs first. I have not seen any liberal party despite I saw Dr. Mustafa Al Nagar of El Adl party there. The left parties on the other hand were there, I got three flyers with statements in solidarity with the families of the martyrs from two leftist parties and one coalition. The right wing party represented in the Islamists were not there. The Muslim brotherhood were kicked out the protest in Alexandria. I do not like that action to be honest , we should welcome whoever joins us but the MB’s reaction on the incidents of Tahrir lately was more than shameful. Al Ahram portal was more honest than the Muslim brotherhood online. Some of the Salafists’ sheikhs reaction was more than disgraceful. Sheikh El-Mahlawy of Alexandria considered this as the Sin Friday !! The families of martyrs
6th April youth movement was there and it was the one that actually led and organized the march to the cabinet HQ. Originally this march was dedicated to Loai Nagaty but it turned to a march in to the cabinet against the ministry of interior ministry. I covered and walked in the march.
The movement decided to end its sit in in Alex , I am not sure about Cairo.
The youth were the ones that protected the streets heading to the ministry of interior as well as the cabinet. They even stopped those angry protesters from reaching to the cabinet insisting that it was a peaceful march and asking to go back. I have not seen any official whether army or police except at the American embassy which was protected by an army force.
There were two stages set where the families of the martyrs and the wounded spoke to the protesters. One of the wounded asked Field marshal Tantawy to be like Nasser , well the thing is that Tantawy did not revolt or led a coup in a way like Nasser. “ Thank God for this” A Martyr’s father spoke about how the officers were treated as VIP in court.
There were street vendors as usual , I think they found a gold mine in these protests. I have left at 5 PM so I do not know actually what happened afterwards still I know that the military police is back in the scene but there are no clashes with the protesters unlike what it was claimed Al Hayat TV.
SCAF representatives and minister of justice made it clear that they can’t interfere in the trials and its speed which is good as we want an independent judicial system if we are in normal circumstance but killing the protesters’ trial is not a normal case in a normal circumstance at all. We are speaking about revolution , we are speaking about breaking of military laws before civilian laws , we are speaking about abnormal circumstances by all measures. We are not demanding revolutionary trials like the ones we used to have in the past ,we are demanding just trials. I will dare and say that people would wait all that time if we felt there was seriousness in the matter. The people would wait if they did not see the officers that killed and wounded their children back in force, if they did not see them treated as VIPs in courts , if they were not blackmailed by the police officers to drop the cases !! I will not speak about El Adly and Mubarak because it is not only about them but about that police officer I have to trust on my life when he killed my Egyptian brothers without any regret or thinking.
Again we are speaking speaking about vengeance in French revolution style , we are speaking about true justice , the justice we lacked during the Mubarak’s era. 
Anyhow the big day was not today but rather 8th of July , I am waiting already for the decisions issued this weeks before that million man protest.
Currently uploading videos and photos , wait for them insh Allah.


  1. why don't somebody organise the 8july sitin in MOntreal, Toronto, NY, Rome,London, Paris,Sydney, etc etc etc. I think this can help, but I do notknow how and who can organise it

  2. The decision is important but we must ask ourselves , why we had to wait for 5 months so this decree to be issued !! These decisions do not need all these months !! What if the people did not complain !?

    Yes, I hope SCAF keeps being banging their head like this. This kind of behavior makes more people aware that SCAF is not a friend of democracy or revolution. While they might have sometimes good intentions, they simply lack the youthful mind which is reforming the country at the moment.

  3. "There were street vendors as usual , I think they found a gold mine in these protests."

    Some of those "street vendors" who are planted right in the middle of the Square have piles of garbage around their tables, which are empty but for a plate of boiled eggs or a teapot or a few bottles of warm water.

    They don't seem to be really selling anything, but either sleep or walk around openly listening to what people are saying or watching what's going on.

    When I mentioned this to some April 6 activists, they told me most are not real vendors but hired thugs and spies, and that if they're asked to move, things could get very violent. The activists said that they'd had very bad experiences with them before. Frankly, some of them looked scary as hell, and the April 6th people seemed resigned to their presence, for now.


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