Saturday, July 2, 2011

Syrian Revolution : Hama leads the way to liberation

Yesterday Nearly one million Syrians took the street through out the country to send one message to Bashar El Assad and his regime , this message was simple and direct. It was one word “ Leave”. Yes nearly One million because when there were nearly 700,000 brave and great Syrians in one city of Hama taking the street. With little math and adding to all those protesters in our beautiful Syrian cities and villages on that day , you will find we are speaking about one million.
Hama : Nearly 700,000 protesters in Hama
1/7/2011 is a historical day , a real historical day in the Syrian revolution because we are speaking about a serious escalation.
From Idlib
Now just like any other Arab ruler that lives in another world than the one his people live in , El Assad has sacked the governor of Hama after having one of the biggest protests in the country there. Hama has all the right to have the biggest the protests in Syria after this is Hama that lost thousands of innocent civilian citizens in one of the most horrible crimes in the 20th century thanks to Hafiz El Assad.
There were protests in Damascus ‘oh yes’ , Homs , Latakia , Reef Dimshaq,Aleppo “huge protests”, Hasaka ,Hama , Golan and Daraa among other cities and towns. You will find videos from several Syrian towns after the break
Damascus : Qaboon protest
Hama : A protest in Hama
Homs : The city of Hula
Golan : Leave
Hama : Syrian flag made by the protesters
Deir Ez Zor: A protest in narrow street
Latakia : The birds of freedom
More than 20 protesters were killed in the protests yesterday by the security forces , of course this is number we know. For sure there is a bigger death toll as usual.Now the following videos are not shown in the official Syrian TV channels and pro El Assad channels through out the Arab world.
Idlib : Attacking the protesters
This video below is so sad , the one who filmed was shot during filming by El Assad’s thugs in Homs.
Homs : Shot down while filming
Here is another sad graphic video showing two brothers from one family killed.You can see the martyrs with ice all over their bodies , they were not put in the morgue. I can’t imagine how their mother feel.
Homs : Two martyrs , two brothers
This video is from El-Ramy region in Idlib governorate , it was shot from two days ago where the forces attacked the villages there. It showed an injured child along with women and children on the run.
Idlib on June 30th : An injured child
Not less than 7 civilians were killed last June 30th in Idlib governorate.
Syria was there in Tahrir square during yesterday’s protest , we did not and will not forget insh Allah our dear Syrians and their struggle. It is not the first time and insh Allah it will not be the last time and we will not stop supporting Syria till it is fully liberated. DSC00512
Now this is something old that I should have shared earlier in its time but unfortunately I could not because I am facing trouble with Windows Live movie maker and YouTube. ‘I save the clips on my hard driver before uploading them’
Protest at the Syrian embassy

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  1. Hama: "Population (2009) - Total 696,863"

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