Friday, July 8, 2011

Hussein Salem to be handed over to Egypt "Updated"

Hussein Salem with Omar
Soliman in Sharm El Sheikh
Ok it seems that the blessings of Friday are starting to show as just from moments ago the Egyptian democratic Academy claims  in its official Facebook page. that it received a call from the Spanish foreign affairs stating the Spanish cabinet decided in its weekly meeting to hand over Hussein Salem to the Egyptian authorities. The EDA claims that this change in the official Spanish stand comes as a result of the public diplomacy delegation efforts in the past few week.
I am working to get a confirmation from Spain.
If this is true then it is either two things or even both : We offered the Spanish good price for gas or we proved that senior Salem had an Egyptian passport all that time. I believe we offered both.
Farid El Deeb said in an interview to Al Sharq Al Awsat that he was happy for Salem’s arrest because Salem would prove the innocence o Mubarak. Salem is currently accused in three cases : Exporting gas to Israel , bribing Mubarak and arms’ deals commission.
If Spain hands over Salem , then Mucho gracias Spain.
To be honest the Salems would love to be arrested in Egypt because in the end they will be treated as kings at Tora prison unlike in Spain where they will be treated as corrupted immigrants.
Updates : 

  1. Hussein Salem gets just trial. 
  2. Representatives of Spanish judicial authority to attend the trial of Hussein Salem in Egypt 
  3. Hussein Salem not to get death sentence.

I forgot to post the links about Hussein Salem's trip to become Egypt's top businessmen from Al Ahram Online. Here are the rest links , you must read these series because it is more than great.

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  1. I am very suspicious about this issue. In democracies such a problems are legal problems not a political one. This means the decision must come from a legal authority and not apolitical one.
    I googled the parameters "Spain + salem + deliver + last week ( as date parameter for advanced search)" and found [ 0 hits ] in the first page


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