Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Sniper Over our Rooftop : Explain these photos please

First of all according to some source new details will be revealed about the snipers of MOI mystery in the upcoming days , we shall see.
Second we got more details about that famous photo for MOI snipers from Qena in the Ezzat Hanfi’s raid.The riffle that in the picture below according to those boys specialized in big guns is PSG-1 by Heckler and Koch.

Third in that photo you can sign the insignia of the Egyptian police snipers.

Here is another photo from the famous Ezzat Hanfi’s raid that inspired TV Drama and films.
Who were these !? 
Again can someone tell who were these guys !?
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  1. German snipers with foreign backed agendas intended to cause a rift between the people and the police hehe

  2. Working for the CIA-NATO-Mossad.

    - Aangirfan


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