Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Essam Sharaf and the Obstacles he faces

Essam has left a message on his official Facebook page and his official twitter account thanking the citizens who wished him speedy recovery and his message was more than interesting :
This is what was posted in his official Essam Sharaf Facebook Page :
Your appreciation for what I face from obstacles that hinder my performance and do not want in Egypt’s renaissance is the most thing that relieve me. All what I care now is that you have to trust every decision I took and I will take , was and is for Egypt.. Egypt only and it is no fake heroism . Thanks for everybody care to ask about my health.
The words do not need explanation and we know that Sharaf is facing a lot of obstacles already whether from SCAF or from the Mubarak’s regime orphans or from the countries that do not like the revolution.
I believe #July 8 was God’s gift to Sharaf.
Last night the prime minister fell ill and was transferred to the hospital. There was a rumor that he had a stroke , another rumor that he would resign and Dr. Hazem El Beblawi will become prime minister.. etc. All these rumors are denied with an official statement that Sharaf suffers from fatigue and he needs to rest but he will continue in his position.
The new ministers will not swear accordingly this week in front of the field marshal with the attendance of the prime minister as the protocol says.
By the way if Hazem Abdel Azim continues to become our minister of telecommunication  and he achieves those goals he mentioned from electronic voting to the information act to Free Wi Fi availability in public places , then I think what we fear from will not happen insh Allah. “Just pray”


  1. Dear Zeinobia
    if it is possible can you make a post about this:
    مسلمان يدفعان حياتهما لإنقاذ أسرة مسيحية
    search Google for it and make a post in English so that we can share it in English forum and Link to your post to show the real Egyptian Muslims.

    Thanks in advance
    best regards

  2. Dear Zeinobia,
    i love to read your daily posts. it's the first thing i read in the morning and it's great!!!! is it possible for you to write a post regarding the Muslim Brotherhood, just to have a wider point of view and understanding on the subject.


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