Monday, August 22, 2011

It is hackers war now !!

As soon as the news that IDF killed our policemen on our borders last Thursday , Egyptian and Arab hackers did not waste their time in hacking Israeli websites.
It started with Saudi hackers that hacked an Israeli website called “” .
RNN claimed that there is another Israeli website that was hacked a team of hackers “Mego , Soly and El Ga7D”, they did not mention which website that was hacked by this group but they posted a screen cap for a message written in Hebrew.
The hackers message in the unknown
Anyhow the three trio “Mego, Soly and ElGa7D” did it again when they hacked an alleged Israeli radio website “” and left that message full of insults. “Bad English as well”
The three trio are not alone as other hacking group claimed that they hacked the website of the biggest Israeli newspaper online and strangely it was not any newspaper we know whether in English or Hebrew.
The website is “” and I have never heard about it. Already when you open this website you will find even more interesting message ; the website was hacked by another group who exposed the first as big fat liars because it turned out that they bought the domain was created on August 19,2011 according to Whois search service.
RNN also has claimed yesterday that a Palestinian hacking group managed to hack a whole Israeli server with 72 Israeli websites.
To be honest I do not know how important these websites in Israel are. From two days there was a rumor that the Egyptian and Arab hackers managed to hack down some website following the Israeli ministry of defense but we have seen so far.
Updated :
Al Ahram portal has just reported that some Egyptian hackers managed to hack the website of stinky Bibi , The is not down currently so may be they did it. 
By the way interestingly enough the Camp David Accords page in the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs is completely blocked in Egypt , you can only get it through proxies !!
If there is nothing bad in it why it is being blocked from the Egyptian people.
A website called "" about soldiers and military recruitment issues and news has been hacked by a group of Egyptian protesters according to Sulta 4 website. The website is down already.

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