Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Libyan Revolution : Is it tonight !? “Live Blogging”

So now Qaddafi’s regime is saying that we are already to speak with the NTC and asking the world for compassion according to Moussa Ibrahim , Qaddafi’s spokesperson in what can be considered his last press conference aired from while ago.
The Libyan TV did not transfer the press conference and this is a great indication that the State Libyan TV is under the control of the revolutionaries.
Ironically world famous Hala Masarti appeared last night and threatened with a gun on air that she will not go without a fight.
Hala Masarti and her gun
We will miss you Hala.
@11:33 PM Cair local time
Mohamed Qaddafi
Al Jazeera’s sources say that Mohamed Qaddafi has surrendered himself to the revolutionaries. Mustafa Abdel Galil told Al Arabiya that Seif Al Islam was captured. Again Seif Al Islam is back with his rumors , aside from the capture rumor , we got the assassination rumor. The revolutionaries are controlling all the official institutions in the city. The Qaddafi’s security team already surrendered. The revolutionaries stormed Aisha Qaddafi's residence but did not find her.
@11:43 PM Qaddafi is speaking in some recorded message aired through Libyan TV. You must know that Qaddafi got a TV broadcast unit in his complex. He seems to be angry.
This can be the last speech indeed. He is asking the tribes and the citizens to protect Tripoli.
This is the third speech for Qaddafi in less than 24 hours.
The speech ended suddenly by the way after it was interrupted  in the middle.
Tonight is a historical night indeed Smile
@11:58 PM The Qaddafi's soldiers are dumping their uniforms and weapons so they won't be identified.
Now regarding our Egyptian community in Tripoli , there is no information about their safety yet our diplomatic delegation has left the city and only one man is there , a young diplomat called Mohamed Wagdy.
Some Libyan activists believe that his last speech was recorded from a while and was not recorded today.
@12:26 AM Al Jazeera is reporting that two air jets from South Africa landed in Tripoli. Hala Masarti is reportedly captured by the revolutionaries.

@12:39 AM The revolutionaries are in complete control of Tripoli except Bab Al Aziziya "Qaddafi's compound". The revolutionaries spokesperson announced that there will be delightful announced after couple of hours.
The Libyan embassy in Algeria announces its loyalty to the revolutionaries and NTC while the Algerian ministry of foreign denied the rumors that the Qaddafi clan are currently in the country.
@12:47 AM The Revolutionaries spokesperson says that in next 20 minutes we will listen to very happy news
The revolutionaries have told Yosri Fouda on ONTV that Seif Al Islam was shackled and was shown in capture at the Green Square.
Seif Al Islam addressed the Libyan people for the last time yesterday by the way and he looked like a crazy man as usual.
Seif Al Islam speaking yesterday
The Libyan citizens in Cairo are currently celebrating at their embassy in Zamalak.
At the Libyan embassy in Cairo
by Khaled
@12:57 AM CLT The ICC spokeswoman states Qaddafi has been captured !! Allah Akbar 
Here it is from Reuters , I can't believe myself
@ 1:15 AM Actually it turned out that ICC meant Seif Al Islam
Now there are news that El Saadi Qaddafi has been captured as well.
The internet is back to Tripoli
There is a rumor that Hala Masarti was murdered in her house.
The green square or space is now being called the Martyrs square .
@1:32 AM CLT Libyana mobile phone network subscribers got this congratulatory SMS from couple of minutes ago.
From Akram in Tripoli
@10:38 CLT Cairo is studying to recognize the NTC currently. According to Al Ahram Arabic Portal the Mustafa Abdel Galil excused Egypt in its position despite it supported the NTC in all possible ways including logistic support.
Now in the early morning hours Mohamed Qaddafi spoke to Al Jazeera channel. He is currently under house arrest. He defended himself and said that the people knew who Mohamed Qaddafi was. He refused to comment directly about what happened yet he attributed to the lack of wisdom.You can hear terrible gunfire in the phone call, this is high dosage of drama.
Now it is confirmed that Hala Masarti was killed.
Mohamed Ziyad , the only Egyptian diplomat in the Egyptian Embassy in Tripoli. He works as the third secretary there , here is his photo

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  1. This is great news. Most cordial congratulations to all Libyans who had to suffer so hard to gain their freedom. I pray that Syria and Yemen will be free soon, inscha'allah!

  2. In Tripoli's Green Square, Al Jazeera has a cute woman journalist interviewing victorious rebels. They're not raping her!

  3. Hala got what she was asking for. Ding dong the witch is dead ...

  4. The world is going to miss a great clothing fashion designer!

  5. @Zeinobia, the Hala Masrati video you embedded has been removed from YouTube, but MEMRI has it with English subtitles.


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