Monday, August 22, 2011

Libyan Revolution : The mermaid is liberated from Qaddafi

Here is a compilation of live updates by hour for what is currently taking place in Libya, Tripoli and the World after the nearly liberation of Tripoli last night.
@10:38 AM CLT Cairo is studying to recognize the NTC currently. According to Al Ahram Arabic Portal the Mustafa Abdel Galil excused Egypt in its position despite it supported the NTC in all possible ways including logistic support.
Now in the early morning hours Mohamed Qaddafi spoke to Al Jazeera channel. He is currently under house arrest. He defended himself and said that the people knew who Mohamed Qaddafi was. He refused to comment directly about what happened yet he attributed to the lack of wisdom.You can hear terrible gunfire in the phone call, this is high dosage of drama.
Mohamed Qaddafi speaks to Al Jazeera on August 22nd
Now it is confirmed that Hala Masarti was killed.
Mohamed Ziyad , the only Egyptian diplomat in the Egyptian Embassy in Tripoli who is working currently alone after evacuating the embassy employees. He works as the third secretary there , here is his photo
Mohamed Ziyad 
@12:31 PM CLT Khamis Qaddafi is heading a unit and is attacking the revolutionaries. Here is a video showing the revolutionaries storming the house of Aisha Qaddafi.
Aisha Qaddafi’s house stormed by revolutionaries
There is a rumor that Mohamed Qaddafi was killed !!
@1 PM CLT : Egypt Air is studying to return back its flights to Tripoli as soon as possible. The Libyans in Cairo are celebrating at their embassy in Zamalak and demanding the embassy as well as the Egyptian security forces to hang the Libyan Independence flag.
The remaining Qaddafi's militias are acting crazy ,killing in, burning and destroying the areas they control.
@ 1:38 PM CLT : Rumors hour again , Qaddafi is at Libyan Algerian borders and Algeria denies.
April 6th Youth Movement "Ahmed Maher's front" issued a statement in solidarity with the Libyan people demanding NATO not to stay too long after ending its mission to protect the civilians from Qaddafi's forces as well as demanding SCAF to recognize NTC. 
Potential presidential candidate Abdel Manam Abu El Fatouh congratulated the Libyan people in a statement he issued today. Potential presidential candidate Mohamed ElBaradei also congratulated the Libyan people so did Hamdeen Sabhi who used to be a close to Qaddafi and his regime "regardless of his denials"
Libyan hackers deface Libya's top domain .ly with one message "Bye bye Qaddafi"
@3:03 PM CLT April 6th Youth movement "Democratic Front" issued a statement as well to congratulates the Libyan people. 
President Obama issued a statement regarding the progress in Tripoli. 
@3:48 PM CLT The Libyan flag of independence , the new flag old flag of Libya is now on its embassy in Zamalak, Cairo. The flag according to Libyan activists was hanged by Libyan diplomats
By Mostafa Sadek
I wonder about that building following the embassy in Giza in front of Soudi Market. The State TV is off air and currently is being completely controlled by the revolutionaries.
@3:56 PM CLT Egypt officially recognizes the NTC as the legal representative of Libya. 
El Saadi Qaddafi
@5 PM CLT The revolutionary forces arrest El Saadi Qaddafi in Tripoli. This is the third Qaddafi's son to be captured by the revolutionaries in the past 24 hours. We still got Hannibal and Khamis free along their dad.
The NTC wishes that Qaddafi would be arrested alive so he can stand a just trial. The ICC wants Seif El Islam to stand a trial in the Hague but it seems that the NTC wanted him to have a local trial which is better actually.
The Egyptian authorities have handed the embassy's building to the NTC's officials in Cairo.
Here is David Cameron's speech about Libya today. 
The members Libyan community in Khartoum have stormed the Libyan
@5:30 PM CLT A defected officer says that Moatassem Qaddafi is currently hidding in Bab Al Aziziyah.
The LAS has issued a statement saying that its complete support and solidarity are with the NTC and the Libyan people.  The Muslim brotherhood also issues a statement in solidarity with Libyan people.
The UN Secretary General is speaking on air currently in NY about Libya.
Here is footage showing the celebration of the citizens at Andulus quarter in Tripoli with the arrival of the revolutionaries.

Hay Andalus Tripoli Liberation Day يوم تحرير حي الاندلس طرابلس from Miri on Vimeo.
The revolutionaries in Ben Ashour arrested an Algerian sniper who guided them to other snipers.On the other hand a Libyan soldier surrendered himself to the Tunisian authorities in Tunisia claiming that he was sent by Qaddafi to bomb Arab embassy.
The pentagon believes Qaddafi is still in Libya.
@8:29 PM 
Now it was announced that Mohamed Qaddafi has escaped from his capture !!
Some TV channels including Al Jazeera say that the revolutionaries found two bodies believed to be the dead bodies of Khamis Qaddafi and his uncle Abdullah Senussi. Abdullah Senussi was Qaddafi's spy chief and his brother in law. He was the brother of Qaddafi's second wife Safia , the mother of all Qaddafi's offspring except Mohamed. Yesterday there was news that Senussi's son was killed in the clashes.
DPA says that the Arab country's embassy Qaddafi wanted to blow up in Tunis was Qatar. "Not big surprise'
Here is a list from Reuters with the countries that recognized NTC. 
Nato announced that it will start new raids at Bab El Azaziyah soon in couple of hours.
The US has recognized the NTC as well.
@10:29 PM Here is a video from Cairo showing the happy Libyans celebrating at there embassy.
It turns out that Qaddafi's militias liberated Mohamed Qaddafi
Brega is now under the revolutionaries' control
Electricity is back in certain districts in Tripoli
Here is a video from yesterday August 21st shot afternoon when the revolutionaries reached to Tripoli , this small celebratory protest was at El Zal street.

Here is a video from Yesterday also when the revolutionaries reached to martyrs square "formerly known as green square" where Mosques kept chanting "Allah Akbar" as sign of victory.

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  1. "Mohamed Ziyad , the only Egyptian diplomat in the Egyptian Embassy in Tripoli. He works as the third secretary there , here is his photo"
    I don't get this part , was he killed as well or what exactly happened to him ?

  2. Egypt has been wrecked by the CIA. Now Libya is being wrecked by the CIA.

    - Aangirfan

  3. @Aangirfan, no, Libya is wrecking itself. There's a draft constitution based on sharia which the CIA obviously had nothing to do with, just like they had nothing to do with the Egyptian revolution. You're an idiot.


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