Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Libyan Revolution : Aisha Qaddafi’s baby boom !!

In 1986 with her dad 
The Algerian authorities announced yesterday that Aisha Qaddafi has delivered a baby girl yesterday in Algeria after less than 24 hours from her arrival along with 30 members of Qaddafi clan including her mom and 2 of her brothers. According to the Algerian press the Algerian president let the Qaddafi clan enter the country after knowing that Aisha was giving a baby.
Now there is something interesting I found thanks to tweeps , in early June 2011  Aisha Qaddafi filed a complaint before Belgian courts for war crimes against NATO after the raid of the alliance that allegedly killed her younger brother Seif Al Arab Qaddafi. This news included a very interesting detail because in that complaint Aisha claimed that the NATO raid on April 30,2011 killed her 4  months baby girl “Mastoura” along with her brothers’ kids “Seif” and “Carthage”
This was an official complaint that was rejected by the court in Belgium on July 28th. Interestingly enough here is an interview with Aisha Qaddafi after the alleged attack in French and she did not seem pregnant to me.
Aisha Qaddafi : Where is the baby bump ?
Before that raid and that interview Aisha addressed the public in a stupid speech if you remember , I searched in her photos to see if there is any baby bump and honestly I can’t judge based on the photos as she is tall and slim.
Is this a baby bump
click to see bigger picture
Still how could Aisha Qaddafi have a 4 months baby in April 2011 and later gave a birth to another baby in August 2011 !? Either she hires surrogate mothers or there is another option : There is no Mastoura or there is new baby girl born in Algeria or may be there is Mastoura but there is no new baby girl. Of course there is another crazy explanation : She got two wombs , oh yes there are women who got two wombs !!!
May be baby Mastoura and her uncle Seif Al Arab along his kids are still alive just like his adopted sister Hana whom the Libyans are insisting that she is alive after 25 years of Qaddafi’s claims that she was killed.
Libya has demanded officially Algeria to hand over these runaways.


  1. Off topic, but Egyptian Chronicles readers may enjoy this post on Lubos Motl's physics blog, The reference Frame: Egypt vs bikini and Sphinx

  2. There is no new baby. Aisha's youngest child is Mastoura, just as you suspect. Mastoura was never killed in any Nato air raid over Tripoli. Algeria must have kept them waiting 12 hours at the checkpoint while devising a "humanitarian" reason for accepting not just Aisha and her infant but also the rest of the family, including others on whom there is an international travel ban. There was no humanitarian reason for accepting Hannibal or Mohammed, who are both subject to the Interpol travel ban (with Aisha) and who are going to be charged with embezzlement in the new Libya. Algeria really needs to undo what it has done.

  3. Actually if you look carefully as she walks in and sits down you can see a baby bump.

  4. well shes wearing a big coat
    and also women from the east dont like showing off their bumps as they do in the uk for example
    my aunt in pakistan was like 8 1/2 months pregnant when we visited her and I didnt know she was pregnant til she gave birth! AND she was really slim as well

    u might not like her or her father but I dont see why she'd lie about being pregnant

  5. You don't see why she would have to lie. Here's reason no 1 out of 567890 other reasons.... To save her own skin, to gain sympathy, and as pro gadfly propaganda to save the rest of her power hungry and corrupted thats 3 reasons

  6. Well she could have given birth to a baby girl in December, and then become immediately pregnant again in early January if she has a demanding enough husband. Instances of 2 babies born in the same 12-month period were once (in the 50s and 60s) commonly known as 'Irish twins' - due to the (former) great fertility, lack of contraception and powerlessness of women in that country while the catholic church was in charge. Nowadays, maybe even high-caste women in Muslim countries are expected to submit to husbands' demands even weeks after giving birth?

  7. Yes, I was thinking the same thing...4 month old baby killed in a NATO raid (April 2011) and then she delivered a full-term baby (August 2011). This story did not ring true the first time I heard I do agree with the above comment...that the first baby was never killed...and the second baby never it is easy to have the first baby as the second...I know Aisha came up with this story. Men just are not clever enough, especially when it comes to woman-related issues. Congradulations, Aisha!

  8. first of all Algeria is a free country ,so no one can tells how we have to behave.
    second we don't lie ,we've prove that in the Algeria/Egypt match in the car accident ,few months after Egyptian had figure out what's really happen and they knew that they were wrong.
    finally Qaddafi was very good to his people before a bunch of traitor turn against him, I don't say he is good ,but the Libyan people was thee most healthy in the area ,and again Egyptian know this very well.
    there is no good in this war the oil will be divided by France UK US and the NTC

  9. I am surprissed that no one has commented, but a pregnancy is NOT diagnosed by observation. Only a man would ask for a person to look at a picture and diagnose, if the woman were pregnant or not. Even uneducated woman do not use observational skills to diagnose a pregancy. For doubting Thomass, refer to For $350 - $650, A SILICONE FAKE PREGNANCY BELLY CAN BE CUSTOM MADE WITHIN TWO DAYS. Aisha is a smart woman, isn't it possible...??


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