Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2011 : Prince Amber and Princess Sukar {6,7,8}

Ok boys and girls here is our last  night with Ramadan Arabian nights 2011 , our last night with Prince Amber and Princess Sukar as well.

If you forget what happened in our tale last time then you can refresh your memory by going back and check out the last episodes.

Here is the 6th part of our tale , tale of Prince Amber and princess Sukar.

Amber reaches out to the new world to find another kingdom with another king. King Sharshamon of that new world kingdom also is amazed with that man beyond the sea and decides to hear his story. Impressed by his education and eloquence , Sharshamon decides to appoint Amber as his right hand minister despite Amber wants to find a way back to his land and to his beloved Sukar.

The king also remembers his son , the crown prince who also disappeared in the sea and sees him in Amber.

Now to the 7th part of our tale

Amber is now the right hand minister of king and yet he wants to return back to his kingdom on the other side of the world. The king’s niece is plotting against and is trying to lure Amber but fails to do it. The king suddenly dies in strange circumstances and it turns out that the king’s niece is behind it but no one can prove it. The priest of the kingdom reads the king’s will and according to Amber is crowned as the king till the return of the crown prince. Amber finds a magical wand at the kingdom’s treasury. That magical wand is like a magical lamp with a Jinni inside it. It is worth to mention that he finds with the help of the Jinn that helped his father in the beginning of the tale. This wand or rather that Jinni helps Amber to arrest the evil princess at the same time the crown prince returns to restore his crown. As a reward the new king gives Amber a ship whose crew decided to turn against him in the middle of the sea.

Now to the 8th part of our tale , our last night in Ramadan 2011.

The crew of the ship decided to steal Amber and throw him in the sea but luckily he got the magical wand and was able to teach them a lesson not to mess with him. Amber is back to his kingdom to find the people of treason has attacked it and kidnapped his beloved princess to their castle. Again the magical wand and its jinni to rescue , Amber saves the kingdom , the princess and the day after being absence for years. King Gasoor rewards him by not only his daughter’s hand but also the crown of the kingdom.

I am sorry but there are missing parts in the old recording.

Insh Allah next year we will have new Ramadan Arabian nights that you will love.

Scheherazade is waiting for next Ramadan insh Allah. 

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