Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mohamed Mohsen : A New martyr Joins the martyrs of the revolution “graphic”

Mohamed Mohsen a 23 years old political activist originally from Aswan , passed away earlier today after two weeks coma resulted from an injury in the infamous Abassaya battle.
Mohamed Ahmed Mohsen was hit by a huge rock thrown from a rooftop by some woman according to an eye witness. Thank goodness that eye witness got also a picture for that lady who killed Mohsen and he has already testified at the general prosecutor office earlier today.
Here is a photo showing Mohsen after being hit after the break. “Graphic”
Late Mohsen after being injured 
Mohsen suffered from bleeding and could not be transferred to a hospital or even a near by ambulance due to the siege made by the military police. Mohsen had been in coma since then.
Now some people are blaming the protesters for Mohsen’s death despite they you should blame Major general Hassan El Rowainy and statements no.69 and no.70 in the first place before anything else. What SCAF did on that day  was a sin compared to a political mistake by a group of protesters who are not in charge of a country.
I want to know how the residents of Abassaya feel now when there is a young man , a young Egyptian killed in their own square in this way.
You agree or disagree with the 23rd July March , yet you should be angry for the death of a young man like this.
Mohsen was a young political activist who joined the National Association of change before the revolution and became a member in the Revolution Youth coalition in Sohag , Upper Egypt. He was among the Upper Egypt’s Youth protesters who joined the July sit in.
We thought that his funeral will be tomorrow because of the autopsy report but it turned out that his body will be transferred to Aswan tonight and will arrive there by 10 PM there . May Allah bless his soul. I believe the least thing we can do for Mohsen is fighting for better representation for Aswan and Upper Egypt in general in our political life besides our fight for democracy. Mohsen is the proof that we should think outside Tahrir square and Cairo.
Updated : 

  • Here is a video from Mohsen's funeral in Aswan at late night yesterday , it seems that governorate's officials attended the funeral. 
Here is another video from Dream TV2's 10 PM showing a clip from the same building "at 3:20"


  1. :( The matter of the fact is that most of the Egyptians will not know the truth about Abassaya and neglect of the military in that protest. It will take a long time to get this properly documented for history books, without SCAF rewriting history.

  2. God Rest his soul and God punish the woman who murdered him!

  3. Martyr - someone who is suffering from the actions of the enemies of Islam and because of their faith, and not on political opinion.

  4. Now revolutionaries faced by the people and army heads together like sheep.

  5. You think a "lady" threw the rocks. Remember during the revolution when men dressed as women were caught at civilian checkpoints with weapons and loot concealed in their dresses!


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