Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2011 : Abdullah The fisherman and Abdullah the merman {3}

Ok boys and girls after this big day in the history of Egypt , I would like to enjoy the third and last part of our tale Abdullah the fisherman and Abdullah the merman.

Here is the English translation of the tale , the  original translation of sir Richard Burton to all my dear non Arabic speakers. Scheherazade finished this tale in 946th night , it take her 6 nights from 940 to 946th night to finish this tale according to the book.
Abdullah the fisherman and Abdullah the merman tale was presented in Arab TV series. I remember that it was represented in Egyptian TV , in the first “One thousands and one night” TV series starring Naglaa Fathi and Hussein Fahmi produced in 1981.
One thousands night and one “1981” : Abdullah the fisherman and Abdullah the merman
It was also featured in a whole TV series for children produced in Kuwait in 1993.
Here is the previous episode.
Tomorrow insh Allah a new tale from our amazing our wonderful Ramadan Arabian night.

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