Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Syrian Revolution : Hama under attack

It seems that Bashar El Assad and his regime are using the Mubarak trial to cover their crimes against humanity in Hama as all the world is currently watching the Trial of Century in the valley of the Nile and does not pay attention to the Massacre of Century in the valley of the Orontes.
Currently there is a wide scale operation led by the Syrian army in the city of Hama. According to eye witnesses the cities of Hama have been under heavy shelling since the early morning , since 5:30 AM. The tanks are reportedly shelling the residential areas along hospitals.
Hundreds are trying to flee Hama but in vain as the security forces are besieging the cities. Hama is cut off the world according the news coming from Syria , telecommunications, electricity and water are reportedly cut.
We are now in front of 1982 Hama Massacre again
Bashar El Assad , you will not be that lucky to have a trial like Mubarak.
The Syrian embassy in Cairo has left heading to Damascus along his family, Ambassador El Youssef is married to Bashar El Assad’s cousin by the way.
Update : 
Al Jazeera has aired a video for a group of defected officers from the Syrian Arab army calling themselves "The Free officers"  {I know it brings bad memory to the Egyptians}
The movement announced that it will protect the civilians , keep the Syrian Arab army united and fight El Assad's regime. In this video they announced that they formed a southern sector to protect the country.

The Free officers' movement seems to be spread in the army getting power day after day in a strange way. They have got a YouTube Channel :
Yesterday not less than 29 Syrian officially were killed , I think the death is higher as always.
The Syrian committee for Human rights is saying that the prisoners of not less than 13 prison cells at Hama center prison "It was hinted before yesterday that there were shootings heard from the prison side."
Currently the eye witnesses say that they are only hearing explosions all over Hama and fear to look outside the windows.
Today a 9 years old called Baraa Mahmoud was killed by El Assad's shabiha gangs.
The Homs youth made this list of products to boycott it as El Assad and the regime icons own shares in these brands. 
A family was killed completely in Hama by security forces in their attempt to escape the city by security forces , the father , the mother and child

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  1. "Ambassador El Youssef is married to Bashar El Assad’s wife"

    Bashar's wife is married to two men?


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