Saturday, August 13, 2011

RIP Hikmat Abu Zayed

Hikmat Abu Zayed , the first woman minister in Egypt passed away in silence , real shameful silence that suits that lady that contributed so much to this country.

Hikmat Abu Zayed passed away last July 30th in Cairo , the 96 years old former minister had been in the hospital since last November 2010.

I remember that her last TV interview , the former minister said that we needed a revolution , a social revolution to be accurate , she said so nearly a month before #Jan25 and indeed we will be mistaken if the #Jan25 revolution will make it without a social revolution.

May Allah bless your soul Hikmat Abu Zayed.

Now I can’t speak about Hikmat Abu Zayed and ignore the role of woman in the revolution , the political role of Egyptian woman. Believe it or not I am not that mad or concerned about the fact there is no woman governor currently especially after the appointment of a new wave of governors. I will be concerned with that after having a democratic elected government with correct representation. Just imagine having an elected woman governor in one of the Upper Egypt’s governorates, it will be true social before political revolution. Just imagine and remember no one imagined that the Egyptians would be revolted against Mubarak.

To be honest I am not even concerned in this particular stage of having women in ministerial or governing position as much as I am concerned with having the right person in the right position regardless of the gender or again or background. Let’s agree on the fact that we are currently on the doorstep of the Fifth Republic in Egypt and actually we are building the country from scratch thanks to 30 year of Mubarak’s rule with administrative diseases resulted from decades of military rule since 1952.

By the way there is a fine former minister and professor of international law called Aisha Rateb whom I believe we need her opinion and expertise regarding this critical transition period now more than ever. Dr. Aisha Retab was the first woman ambassador appointed in Egypt

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