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Sinai Follow up : Waiting for a proper official reaction

There is a currently a strong protest at the Israeli embassy in Giza , of course this bring a lot of bad memories after what happened last night in public reaction. It is not that big , between 1500-5000 protesters are currently there. The demands of the protesters according to their chants ranges from bringing down the Israeli flag to expel the Israeli ambassador to cancel the Camp David accords and cutting the relations totally.
I am worried on how this protest will end because of the bad May 15th incident. My fear increased hours earlier when the protesters managed to break in to the metal barricades and stood at the entrance of the Israeli embassy !! Of course some of our tweeps there say that there was intention from storming the embassy but Nawara Negm said in her twitter account there were infiltrators who are trying to escalate the matter.
I am still worried because the military police there with its commander Hamdy Badeen , I am still worried because allegedly the street lights of surrounding streets were cut off according to Dostor News. Still based on the actions of the military police so far and the attempt of Badeen to calm down the  protesters , I believe and hope that the night will pass peacefully and that SCAF is just letting the protesters to vent their anger.
Some protesters decided to have a sit in in front of the embassy.
Major General Hamdy Badeen was booed by angry protesters who made it clear that they did not forgot Al Abassay square battle.
The Israeli flag has been burned too many times , the Shorouk News claims that the embassy hanged a bigger flag. Actually they did not changed today or tonight but it was hanged before instead of that dirty torn flag they used to hang. “ I do not understand how an embassy keeps such flag in the first place !!”
There was parallel protest at the Israeli consulate in Alexandria where the protesters managed to hang the Egyptian and Palestinian flags at the rooftop of the building where the Israeli consulate is over the Israeli flag.
In Alexandria "RNN"
Late Galal
As a reminder yesterday a police officer and two CSF conscripts were killed by Israeli fires and today another injured conscript passed away in the hospital. Police officer Ahmed Galal had a big honorable funeral in his home town in Asuit Upper Egypt. It was big irony that it turns out that he started his service in police by guarding the Israeli embassy in Giza !! His father is completely angry and demands justice. He was not buried in the family’s cemetery but rather in the garden of his father’s house !! His father as Upper Egyptian will not accept condolence till he gets his revenge. Thousands participated in Cairo in the funeral of late conscript Taha Ibrahim today too.
I could not post anything all Friday about Sinai because aside from the fact that I am a little bit sick , I kept following the news and updates and trying to purify it from rumors.
The funeral of  Ibrahim in Cairo "Getty images"
Rumors mill does not want to stop whether in Israel or in Egypt , may be in Egypt more. Last night there was a powerful rumor that 3 IDF soldiers were killed by Egyptian forces and another rumor that Anan was visiting Sinai which was totally denied. The latest rumor today was that Turkey recalled its embassy to object the murder of our men on the borders. Well Unfortunately I could not find a single link for the popular news on twitter. I believe if Turkey recalls its ambassador it will not be for Egypt only but for Gaza and Mavi Marmara in the first and last place with my all due respect especially last week Israel refused to apologize to Turkey again. Updated : It was officially denied by the Turkish News agency.
Letting the IDF in to Sinai was not illusions of crazy national security experts by the way , here is an Op-ed in Yediot Ahronot about the topic.Yediot Ahronot is a right wing newspaper by the way. 
Now to the official reactions from Cairo.
Diplomatically Egypt has registered a formal complaint with Israel over the killings demanding an immediate investigation. It is not enough without doubt and SCAF knows that so it is not a surprise that Up till this moment the meeting of the cabinet and SCAF has not finished yet , it has been 4 hours since it started.
PM Essam Sharaf expressed his sorrow and condolences to the families of in his official Facebook page.PM Sharaf wrote an important statement that made many wait for the real official reaction.
The Egyptian blood is too precious to be gone for nothing and , too precious to be worthless , our glorious revolution happened so the Egyptian would restore his dignity whether inside or outside. What was accepted in Egypt before the revolution is no longer accepted in Egypt after the revolution.I am currently discussing the available alternative for our honorable soldiers in Sinai. Long live Egypt as great nation and long live her people enjoying what they deserve from dignity. 
I do not know who wrote that statement and whether it is Ali El Salmi or Moataz Abdel fatah.
Again this is the major test for SCAF that will affect it forever whether among the public or the army before the revolutionaries. The reactions must be careful and on the same expected expectation. The Egyptian people will not accept or tolerate any weak Mubarak’s reaction. Many CSF conscripts were killed by so called Israeli friendly fire in time of Mubarak and their families were threatened if they dared to open their mouths , Mubarak considered them nothing and Israel repeated the Sorry word till we got sick of the word ‘Sorry’ itself.
The public prosecution in Al Arish started its investigation regarding what happened. According to some leaks the primary investigations reached out the victims were killed by forbidden ammunition directly !! “I thought that they were hit by a missile”
The El Ooga crossing has been closed and the tribes’ chiefs in North Sinai decided to arrest any Palestinian that crosses through the tunnels and hand over to the army. Tomorrow morning there will be an important meeting with the army commanders and the tribes’ chiefs.
I have no clue why the military prosecution does not investigate this case , I do not know if it is related to Camp David treaty or what.
The unofficial reactions from political powers continued.
Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei wondered on twitter about the SCAF statement that should clarify the truth of what is going , whose responsibility it was and what are the current procedures that going to be taken in such events.
Dr. ElBaradei did not mention our martyrs like other candidates. I think that is enough from him , I expected more powerful statement from him.
Amr Moussa found a golden opportunity as he demanded on his official twitter account the expel of the Israeli Ambassador and an investigation in the killing , repeating his demand again in a new tweet !!
Abdel Monam Abu El Fatouh held the Israeli PM and minister of defense the responsibility demanding SCAF to expel the ambassador and to cancel the exportation of gas.
Hamdeen Sabhi described the killing as unaccepted crime demanding a restrict reaction. Dr. Ayman Nour has not commented yet about what is happening.
El Adl Party was the first party to issue a statement about what happened demanding the summoning of the Israeli ambassador and the suspension of the Israeli Egyptian relations as a reaction for the killings. It also stressed on the necessity of ending the transitional period so the army would be focus on its main job.

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