Thursday, August 11, 2011

This is not good for us Mr. Cameron

British PM David Cameron told the House of commons yesterday Thursday the following :
Cameron speaking 
Free flow of information can be used for good. But it can also be used for ill. So we are working with the Police, the intelligence services and industry to look at whether it would be right to stop people communicating via these websites and services when we know they are plotting violence, disorder and criminality
In other words the social media networks can blocked in UK to stop violence and disorder like for instance BBM and twitter not to mention Facebook.
More in Wired.
Now this is alarming on many levels because this is Britain , this is Europe where there are no boundaries for freedom of expression as far as it has been promoted for years.

This will definitely be used by the Mubarak’s defense team in the telecommunication blackout case especially now SCAF is firing back and defended Field Marshal Tantawy by leaking that he was against the decision of telecommunications blackout. The leak claims that he told former minister Tarek Kamel of telecommunications that he should ask the one who ordered him to cut the telecommunications if he wanted it back when the later asked him what to do !!
Already the Mubarak’s supporters and bastards are defending their false idol and daddy’s decision to block the internet and to unleash their hate on twitter and Facebook saying that if UK will think about this extreme to protect their society’s stability. "Their main platform currently , twitter for the revolutionaries while Facebook is for the felol”
Forget about Egypt , think about other countries that can be harmed , now Bashar El Assad and other dictators will boldly block and even shut down the internet to protect the society and its so-called stability. “Too many crimes are made by the government for the sake of their own stability not their society’s real stability” 
I do understand when a country faces a real danger like for instance war or real terrorism , that there will be measures concerning the media , telecommunication and social media for sure but not in local protests and riots for God sake !!
If  looters used BBM and twitter to know the places they can attack , twitter and BBM were also used by thousands of British citizens to clean their community next day for God sake !!
Dear Mr. Cameron , you can block the whole internet in your country for weeks and even months but you can’t run away from our society’s economic and social problems. You are shooting the messenger.
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  1. @ Zeinobia "There is a rumor or rather news that the Libyan TV following Qaddafi claimed that David Cameron hired mercenaries from Scotland and Ireland to attack the revolutionaries of Liverpool !!" That made me smile. First, they wouldn't bring in Irish, that's another country. Second, they wouldn't bring in mercenaries, at most they'd bring in domestic troops; but even that they have not done. Third, the rioters aren't revolutionaries, they are opportunistic welfare-addicted quasi-criminal chavs in government-provided council housing.

  2. Greece, Spain, Italy didn't kill their revolutionaries, and didn't block internet. What you think that makes you different from Bubarak? Oh yes i know, you're a "european leader" and Bubarak was a "dictator" . What irony! You call the riots "looters" but libyan riots "riots for human rights".what hypocrisy!! Welcome to the land of democracy, welcome to Britain. hahaha

  3. If you think that in Britain or Europe there are no boundaries to freedom, then you are living in your own dreamworld.

    to last anonymous, here's an image of Italian protester shot dead by the Italian army at g8 summit protest in Genoa
    another protester was also killed when a police jeep ran over him


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