Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mubarak trial : Will he show up !?

Will Tantawy show up !? This is the million man question will know today even what he is going to say.

10:58 AM

The army is securing the court today and tomorrow completely during the testimonies of Tantawy and Anan. Tantawy has not showed up yet but the defendants are there.
Gamal Mubarak is allegedly nervous while Ahmed Ramzy and Habib El Adly are defending themselves against the testimony of Hassan Abdel Hamid.

11:07 AM

Lawyer Mohamed Abdel Aziz tweeting from inside the court claims that Lt. Adel Morsi of Military judiciary has informed Judge Ahmed Rafeat that Tantawy and Anan have apologized to come indefinitely asking to know what they were going to be asked , they want to know the questions at !!

11:15 AM

The judge has suspended the session , officially we know the stand of Tantawy and Anan when the session is back.

12:15 PM

Tantawy and Anan are not going to testify today and tomorrow but the Judge has ordered to summon them on September 24th and 25th. Here is the statement of public prosecutor's official Facebook page. 

1:33 PM

According to news reports Judge Ahmed Rafeat refused written testimonies allegedly by Anan and Tantawy and is demanding that they take the stand after two weeks.


  1. Zeinobia, are you nervous that by reporting anything about their testimonies you might become criminal? Maybe even speculation what was said can incriminate you.

    I think this is the clearest case that some people are still above others in Egypt. When testimonies of petty officers and below are public, but highest ranked get special treatment of giving statements in full secrecy with announced threatening of media to not report.

  2. Why I would be nervous , check my previous posts about the testimonies of these two men plz.

  3. I meant are you nervous of the upcoming testimony, nothing said or done yet is illegal.

    The illegal part is to talk about their given testimonies, they haven't given them yet right?


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