Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mubarak’s Trial : And the Field Marshal Tantawy is going to testify

Field Marshal Tantawy is going to testify after few hours in front of Judge Ahmed Rafeat in New Cairo while Mubarak is in the cage.
This time it was confirmed by the army that the head of SCAF and Mubarak’s minister of defense for 2 decades is going to see what he knows about the shooting of the protesters.
Yesterday Tantawy issued a statement to MENA :
I have decided to testify in front of the civilian court to stress the importance of the sovereignty of law 
The field Marshal added that it has never happened before that a military personnel has testified in front of a civilian court. 
This is for sure the real testimony of the year in the case of the century.
I expect everything but based on the episode of El Midan on Tahrir TV last Thursday I believe Tantawy can sell Mubarak again. Still I am not that sure because in the shooting of protesters there is no written orders and words can be twisted in these circumstances.
Of course The Mubarak’s sons will not show up as the army will secure the Police academy. Few lawyers will be allowed to attend this secret session.
Tomorrow Sunday Sami Anan will testify.

@10:34 AM CLT

Field Marshal Tantawy is in the court and according to Sources he is going to testify at 11 –11.30 AM. He came from an hour ago
Mubarak’s helicopter has arrived to the court from short while.
The families of the martyrs are outside the court despite the correspondent of the Egyptian TV say they are not there.

@10 :45 AM CLT

Al Masry Al Youm reports that Tantawy has finished his testimony in front of limited number of lawyers and has left the police academy from half an hour !! According to the lawyers of civil claims rights the succession started at 9 AM unlike what was claimed in the media. 
According to sources El Adly and the Mubaraks have left.
This is considered the fastest testimony in history.
Judge Ahmed Refaat has adjourned the trial to tomorrow.

@11:06 AM CLT

More details are coming for new Cairo.
According to Reuters and based upon the statements of two civil claims rights lawyer the testimony of Tantawy took an hour while Al Ahram claims that  he testified in 90 minutes !! Al Ahram portal says Tantawy answered the questions of 10 lawyers from the defendants’ defense team.  The civil claims rights lawyers were not let in to the court room according to some sources except in the last 15 minutes of testimony.
And so there were leaks that Tantawy testimony came in the favor of Mubarak and that leak created a huge uproar online.
The Egyptian TV claimed that the testimony was against Mubarak
Now hours later a military source denied to the media all what was spread all day long about the case and the testimony.
According to some leaks Tantawy's testimony as expected was not in the favor nor against Mubarak.
The civil claims rights lawyers had some sort of clash with the field marshal's security and tomorrow they will hold a press conference to say what happened. It is worth to mention that they were not let in the court room to ask Tantawy except in the last 15 minute.
Tantawy was allegedly asked 10 questions by Habib El Adly's defense lawyers.
The trial was adjourned to October 20th because one of the civil claims rights lawyers wants to change the judge and the court because of what happened today. Most lawyers believe that his request will be rejected.
The implications of Tantawy's testimony have not finished yet

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  1. With all due respect I find this highly farcical..

    What springs to mind is that Mubarak is being offered up as a sacrificial lamb by the SCAF, army and his former pillar Tantawi in order to appease the mob...

    Does Mubarak's tenure on power hinge on the unlawful, unjustified, criminal shooting of the protesters...?

    Or is the objective an earnest evaluation of the 'regime', the 'system', it's 'institutions' and 'pillars' which would include...Tantawi(!)


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