Sunday, September 4, 2011

#NubianRights : Nubian Protesters torch The governorate building

In a huge escalation the Nubian protesters in Aswan have torched the Aswan Governorate HQ building in the city from couple of hours ago. No one was injured as the army evacuated the building. Here is a photo from tweep Ahmed Ezz at Aswan showing the torched the building.
Smoke from the building "Ahmed Ezz"
According from what I understand some angry protesters torched the building after their sit in at the governorate HQ garden was dispersed violently. Of course the media is focusing on how the protesters torched the building , the ugly building ignoring 40 years of struggle.
The angry Nubian protesters have also cut the corniche objecting the upcoming of Essam Sharaf with 30 selected Nubian leaders only. The protesters wanted it an opened meeting with all Nubian representatives.
The governor of Aswan Mustafa El Siyad from his side claims that these 30 selected Nubian leaders were chosen by the Nubian tribes and activists themselves. El Siyad claims that the government will construct not less than 8 Nubian villages on Lake Nasser aside from the land at Karkar valley. The Nubians already demand a new governor instead of El Siyad whom they accused of insulting them. Former army Lt.general El Siyad has been the governor of Aswan since 2008.
The Nubians demand the return of 40 Nubian village from the Cataracts of the Nile region to the borders. The Nubians also demand a full representation in the parliament , the new law electoral committees law is harming them as usual. “Kom Ombo” already should be an independent electoral committee separated from Nasr electoral committee.
I support the Nubian demands and I wish that they really get this land at Nasser lake because I know that they are not going to waste it after all those years for fighting for. I believe all real Egyptians are standing with the Egyptian Nubians in their quest. This land at Nasser lake already is from the most fertilized land in the country and the Nubians are ready to help their country for really if they are supported.
The people of Nubia will restore their rights except if we , the rest of the Egyptian people stood with them. Already I do not know why we do not include the demands of the Nubia people in our million man protests especially from economic point of view it help Egypt in a way you can’t imagine it.
If you are truly call for citizenship rights , if you are truly call for new Egypt built on justice then you must stand with the Egyptian Nubians.


  1. الخطوة الاولي توطينهم علي الحدود
    و الخطوة التانية هنلاقيهم يطالبوا بالحكم الذاتي
    والخطوة التالتة
    هنلاقي مطالب بدولة نوبية علي اراضي مصر و شمال السودان

    مفروض كلنا مصريين و نسكن في كل مصر
    ما فيش حاجة اسمها قبائل او اعراق في مصر
    كلنا مصريين و خلاص

  2. I supported them too and they have the rights like any other Egyptians. the Nubian are well known that they live near the water and after taking their lands the Government should give back what is their rights! if the Governor is not listening well and not performing his duty then he should be replaced with somebody else who are capable to do it right!

  3. Already I do not know why we do not include the demands of the Nubia people in our million man protests especially from economic point of view it help Egypt in a way you can’t imagine it.

    Maybe it's something to do with your old stereotypes...

    Egyptian in USA's views are 'precisely' what Nubians in Egypt are protesting against.

    Nubians are rising.

  4. Typical Egyptian response to the first comment. We never asked to have our lands divided between Egypt and Sudan but that happened any way. When you mistreat peple, STEAL their lands, EXPEL them under the pretext of "tanmiyya" [development] then don't expect them to kiss your boots and tell you "awamrak ya bey." Nubians are not even demanding for separation, they're asking for the bare minimum: recognition of their culture, language and RIGHTS, compensation for their lost homes and forced exile, real development that improves the lives of our communities and not just empty rhetoric and nafkh dimagh. But continue to violate people's rights, continue to ignore their just demands and grievances, then don't be surprised if they start asking for their country. Our people don't exist out of the "generosity" of Egypt or Sudan. We have existed and lived in our homeland for thousands of years and we won't be so easily swayed by this "we're all Egyptians" drivel anymore. If they're true Egyptians than start revising your history and EDUCATE yourself about our people and our cause.
    Sincerely, a Nubian born in Sudan who stands in solidarity with my Nubian people living in Egypt

  5. Hear, hear!!
    : )


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