Thursday, September 22, 2011

Palestinian State : Do you really mean these big words Mr. Sawiris ?

There is a huge debate about the Palestinian state and the expected veto waiting from the States for the old nation trying to become a recognized state in the current UN assembly.
Now today surprisingly we found Naguib Sawiris saying the following in his official twitter account.

I do not know if Naguib Sawiris meant what he said because actually the United States and Europe will vote the recognition !!
 Is Naguib Sawiris for real calling the Arab countries to cut their diplomatic relations with the States ??
One tweep replied on Sawiris wondering if his account is hacked or not.
Guardian published a nice info-graph about the countries that officially recognize Palestine.
Source : Guardian
80% of the World Population recognize a country called Palestine , I repeat 80% of the world population which unfortunately that got 25% of the fortune in the world !!!!!!!!!!
By they way April 6th Movement issued a very strong statement by Palestinian State recognition which is an actually message to the States : The US will no longer be allowed to impose its influence over Egypt as it did under Mubarak, these days of dictatorship are gone. I will try to get a link to that statement.
The United States made it clear it veto the resolution , what are you really going to do without big statements and words as we always do ?


  1. Sawiris is just kidding.. he is using his twitter account just for his jokes, can't u remember his mickey mouse tweet :P

  2. Why did you ask this Zeinobia ? Is it because Sawiris's business in US & EU ?

  3. @anonymous looool

    @anonymous no. 2 because I hate big words and yes he got business with US and EU.

  4. Do you think he would make such statement on BBC?

  5. I tend to favour and support the moderates of Israel who think that the Palestinians should have a viable, independent state. But luckily I don't have to run for office and be wary of a nasty backlash for stating the obvious.The Arab Spring has been good for the Palestinians and thereby good for the moderates in Israel who are hapless passengers in a speeding car with faulty brakes and very little steering.
    I suppose there are some who would like to see both enterprises fail.Those people are on a long rope but a rope nevertheless.

  6. Can the man not do anything without us criticizing? No matter what he says or does you're always going to find something wrong with it?


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