Thursday, September 22, 2011

ElBaradei and Shafik May launch their presidential campaigns tomorrow !!

Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei is running for the presidential elections so far despite there is not much info about the presidential elections and he is going to launch his campaign officially at last insh Allah tomorrow.
Oh yes after more than a year he is going to launch it officially tomorrow in his family’s hometown Ibyar in Gharbia , Delta. Now strangely there is no buzz about this in the media to the level that I think there will be no announcement tomorrow despite I know personally some of Dr. ElBaradei’s supporters who will head to Ibyar from early Morning.
It is indeed strange compared to the buzz created by the news of Ahmed Shafik’s lecture in Alexandria at the Yacht club. There is an expectation that Ahmed Shafik will announce that he will run for the presidential race. Needless to say Ahmed Shafik is the Mubarak’s regime supporters no.1 candidate. Updated : His lecture in Alexandria has been cancelled. 
I do not understand why the news of Shafik found its way to the press and the media before the news of Dr. ElBaradei’s presidential campaign.
Dr. ElBaradei has criticized from few hours ago the long timeline of parliamentary elections describing as a return to the stone age.

الإنتخابات البرلمانية فى العالم كله تتم فى عدة أيام على الأكثر وفى مصر ستستغرق ٦ أشهر . بداية طيبة للعودة إلى العصر الحجرىThu Sep 22 17:00:32 via Twitter for iPad

By the way from couple two weeks ago 7 civilian potential presidential candidates “ElBaradei, Abu El Fatouh, Sabhi, Abu Ismail, Moussa and El Awa as well as Hisham El Bastawisi. Ayman Nour did not attend the meeting for unknown reason “May be because his candidacy is legally disputed”. Bothaina Kamel was also absent in that meeting so are the military presidential candidates “Hatata and Belal”.
The presidential candidates meeting 
The candidates discussed the current situations , they did not reach to anything they would agree upon though and it is not surprising because everyone of them got a different opinion when it comes to the current situation. Still according Abdel Manam Abu El Fatouh this was the first meeting in a series of meeting between the candidates who put the country’s interest above anything else.
That meeting was prepared by Wael Ghonim.
Of course young people mocked the meeting because they did not feel anything solid or useful resulted from it

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