Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mubarak is still the president according to the ministry of education !!

Mubarak is still the president of Egypt according to the ministry of education
Who rules my country ?
Who rules my country !? 
My country is ruled by president Mohamed Hosni Mubarak
This is from 1st grade book for school year 2011-2012
Ok this is the 1st grade.
Updated : According to friends this book is not issued by the ministry of education but rather a private school !! Further sources say that the school decided to remove this page and today the kids returned back home without this page !!
We will move to on to the principles of philosophy book in secondary stage.
This is a book of The Principles of Philosophy and scientific thinking for 1st secondary stage and the school year is 2011-2012

Principles of Philosophy "Quotes of Mubarak !!"
Quotes of President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak !!
I can’t believe myself , the quotes of Mubarak in a book for philosophy !! 
Is this the infamous neglect and indifference some Egyptians suffered from in the Mubarak’s era !?
How these books passed like that from the ministry of education!? I do not understand this except it is an insult to our intelligence.
Fixing our educational system is indeed one of main priorities , it needs to be revamped from A to Z if we want a real bright future for this nation.


  1. اكيد مخادوش بالهم يعنى

    بلاش سوء نيه يا جماعه :)

  2. Hi Zeinobia,
    Send us Mubarak's quotes, just to measure his wisdom . Lets see who wins between him and Qadaffi.


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