Friday, September 23, 2011

I have seen this scene before !!

I forgot to publish this photo when Ofir Gendelman had published it in order to win sympathy of the world.
This is Bibi while watching on TV on how a group of Egyptian protesters stormed an empty apartment used by the Israeli embassy as archive for their old official correspondence in Egypt.
Bibi on 9/9 
I saw that photo before
During Bin Laden's hunt down
This is so …

By the way according to official investigations the remnants of regime are responsible for the storming !! The latest leaks from investigation claims that two prominent political personalities from the previous Mubarak era are responsible for the storming.
The story is getting weirder and weirder every minute and I am afraid those who were happy it took place do not realize that we paid a price we did not need it. It is enough to see how the minister of interior Mansour Eissawy said today in press statement that the events of 9/9 are the reason behind the return of emergency law.
It is worth to mention that all the revolutionary and political forces and groups denied to have any relation with the storming itself despite few of them have blessed it.

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  1. Yes, the price for the storming Egypt did not need - but it was high. Emergency law with all details and SCAF not willing to let go until June 2012! How much worse could it come? Nothing in the last 7 months since SCAF took over played so much into their hands. And those activist jubilant for the storming not caring for the consequences have harmed the revolution heavily. Their emotional egoism was more important to them then establishing the goals of the revolution.

    The price paid is so high! So much damage done. And for what? For a silly emotional triumph that had nothing to do with the revolution whatsoever. Shortsighted. Downright stupid. And yet some activist go and defend it stubbornly ignoring the damage that was caused just because their hate for Israel is apparently bigger then their love for Egypt. Egypt was damaged on 9/9 and its hope for a quick transition to real power to the people. Was that worth it? Definitely not. But some are still too stupid to understand. Meanwhile the generals of the SCAF laugh their heads off. Nothing beats stupid revolutionaries, they say and have a great time. - Well, what a success. Depressing.


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