Thursday, September 15, 2011

Seems that The embassy will no be longer in the building

News reports claim that the Israelis are now thinking of transferring in the Israeli embassy from Giza to somewhere else and they are searching for a new location in Cairo that is safe enough from all these protests. Some hint that the next location will be in Maadi just like the Israeli ambassador’s residence.
The governor of Giza Ali Abdel Rahman has already told Kuwaiti Annahar that the Israeli embassy’s current location in Giza is a burden for the governorate and its security. The governor revealed that he will request the transfer of the embassy in the nearest opportunity. I think the nearest opportunity is very near indeed.
The neighbors of the embassy have already complained from it and demanded to be transferred for a long time especially in the past few weeks following the protests and the clashes between the protesters and security forces. The suffering of the neighbors was comically portrayed in Adel Emam’s film “The Embassy in the building”
Along with protests , the embassy is in a very vital part of Giza that is already active and crowded.
The Israelis chose that building in Giza for security reasons , nobody would attack a building full of locals so simply. Anyhow it is more dangerous now than ever , I can imagine the Cairo university students protesting everyday now.
Yesterday the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs pulled its diplomatic delegation from Amman for fear it would face the same ill fate its diplomat delegation in Cairo after the storming of the Israeli embassy. “Which was not a complete storming !!” The Jordanian youth have called for one million man protest today Thursday’s evening to close the Israeli embassy and to kick the ambassador. “Thanks for Ammar Majali for the link” 
Today also the remaining 3 Israeli diplomats in Cairo have departed Cairo as well.
Giza clashes : Where ? 
By the way here is a map showing the location of the Israeli embassy , the Giza security directorate, the Orman Garden and the Saudi Embassy. Check my old post to know why I am posting it here. Please click to zoom it.

Another important thing : No for military trials campaign did not participate or claim the responsibility of storming the embassy unlike what was announced in Youm 7 , Al Masry Al Youm and Al Shorouk along with The Revolutionary socialists , The Labor democratic party , The Popular committee to defend revolution. The No For Military trial campaign refuses only the military trials and state security trials facing those accused of storming the embassy only.

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